My Advice To All National Service Personnel (Prospects)

  1. Never Pay Anyone for Placement

After making payments to certain individuals you could be successfully posted to your desired organization, but you could also be rejected by the same organization and be left stranded. This will force National Service Secretariat to repost you and this time around you will be laughing at the wrong side of your cheeks.

  1. Put In Your Utmost Efforts

Wherever you are posted just remember to leave a legacy by putting in your best show without expecting anything in return. Should your service be extended or retained that will be a good thing but if not something bigger definitely lies ahead.

  1. Invest or Start Something Small

Remember that once your National Service Exercise is completed, that’s exactly when life begins for you. At this point, family expectations set in and responsibilities rises. In a case where your service is not retained by the organization making you jobless life can then become very frustrating and depressing as staying home with parents after graduation can be very daunting.

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Whenever you get hold of your allowance be wise to invest a good percentage of it into something positive. You could even start a little business and sell to your colleagues at work.

I will be sharing some business ideas and opportunities to invest in later on, so do well to follow my account so you don’t miss out.

  1. Be Nice and Build Relationships

Wherever you are posted, remember to be humble and create good inter – personal relationships and maintain that even after your service. Each person you interact with is an opportunity to create a relationship that can provide you with better job opportunities in the near future.

People will only recommend individuals they trust so make sure to earn their trust for your future endeavors.

  1. Work on Your Vision

In today’s corporate world with very little or limited opportunities available to graduate, employers are also very much aware of the high rate of unemployment in the country and are taking maximum advantage of it.

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This can be seen in their renumeration packages.

As a fresh graduate, it is prudence that you begin to work on your business idea or vision in other to become the next Dangote you have always dreamt of.

No employer will pay an employee more than they pay themselves, and your salary can never make you rich, it will only make you survive till the following month and the cycle continues until you reach your pension and have nothing to depend on.

Always have the desire of creating jobs for others rather than being a job seeker.

Wishing you all the best in your service to the Nation and remember to make it count.