NSMQ 1/8th: Ghana National College advance to Quarterfinal, win GOIL Riddle Bonanza

Day Four of the One-eighth Stage of the National Science & Maths Quiz featured Ghana National College, Akatsi SHTS and Tepa SHS, where Ghana National College won convincingly.

The Quiz Mistress, Mrs. Gladys Odey Schwinger described the contest as one of the most exciting of the One-eighth Stage contests.

What seemed like a keen contest from the beginning, ended with Ghana National College dominating from the second round. They answered a majority of the Speed Race questions and ended the round with a 26-point margin.

In Round Five, Ghana National College answered three out of four riddles correctly, to win the GOIL Riddle Bonanza award, worth GH₵1200.00 at the One-eighth Stage.

Quiz Mistress, Mrs. Gladys Odey Schwinger handing over the GOIL Riddle Bonanza prize to Ghana National College

At the end of the contest, Ghana National College won with 50 points, leaving their contenders lurking behind with 14 and 13 points respectively.

Here’s a breakdown of the contest:

Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics

Ghana National College: 8

Tepa SHS: 7

Akatsi SHTS: 1

Round Two – Speed Race

Ghana National College: 22

Tepa SHS: 7

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1 of 26,182

Akatsi SHTS: 0

Round Three – Problem of the Day

Ghana National College: 24

Tepa SHS: 7

Akatsi SHTS: 0

Round Four – True or False

Ghana National College: 40

Tepa SHS: 14

Akatsi SHTS: 10

Round Five – Riddles

Ghana National College: 50

Tepa SHS: 14

Akatsi SHTS: 13