NSMQ-19 Timeline: AUGUSCO un-seed Mfantsipim School in a rivalry with 20-point Margin.

Augusco has stopped two-time winner Mfantsipim School in the ongoing NSMQ. The tie was tipped to be a fierce one and it did not disappoint.

Augusco stood up to the day and shattered the game way before it was over. Mfantsipim were caught off-guard and had to struggle throughout the contest to place second ahead of Swedru SHS.  

6: 10 pm – Botwe pick the last riddle but it doesn’t matter. They have been eliminated in the most painful manner. They have lost the seeded spot in a derby. 

5:51: pm – The problems of the black and red-clad boys are far from over. They score zero from the Problem of the Day and St Augustine’s extend their lead by three points from the Problem of the Day.

Swedru SHS are still holding on to their five points. St. Augustine’s College believes it’s done and dusted. They are all jubilant and the atmosphere at the R.S. Amegashie auditorium at the University of Ghana Business School is more than intimidating.

The True or False session is underway. 

5:20 pm – Mfantsipim School is in trouble. Their supporters are as silent as a graveyard and their woes are doubled by the thunderous chants from the Augusco supporters.

Botwe finishes the Speed race with only 13 points, a steep decline from their round One score. They lost points from so many wrong answers. The result forces them into a substitution. 

Augusco however, is on a cloud, they have 36 points. Swesco also loses a point and now have 5 points.

Problem of the day is next! Augusco has already recorded a perfect score in the prelims. Can they repeat? It seems. 

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Round Two over and the contestants are solving the problem for Round Three.

4:57 pm: St Agustine’s college stamps their identity on Round One. They take the lead with 22 points, Botwe trails with 16 points and Swesco is lagging behind with 6 points.

The Speed Race is now underway and Botwe and Augusco and Botwe are at each other’s throats again.

Swesco is yet to attempt a question. This seems a joy ride for Augusco, they are enjoying more points from the Round. 

4:23 pm – Round One is underway and all schools are taking it steadily.  Mfantsipim and Augusco are clear favourites as the two get most of their major questions right. 

Swedru SHS tries to keep up but they are clear underdogs, their bonus points are spoils for the top-dogs. 

4:15 pm – The die is cast; the big day in the National Science and Maths Quiz is here.

Some have described it as the final before the final. But it’s only the last one-eighth stage contest in the 2019 edition of the competition.

Two giants, both from the same city and another from the same region which defeated one of the top-dogs just last year are going head on for a single slot at the quarterfinal.

It cannot get any bigger as Mfantsipim School, St Augustine’s College and Swedru SHS go into action.

Mfantsipim come into the contest as a seeded school so this contest is their first, their strength is, therefore, unknown.

St. Augustine’s however, recorded a convincing win at the prelims with 76 points. They also won the maiden Regional Championship earlier in March.