NSMQ 2020: 21 schools in Upper West absent for the regional qualifiers due to lack of funds

In the Upper West region, 21 out of 24 Senior High Schools (SHS) in the district declined to compete as there was no funding for the 2020 competition of the National Science and Mathematics Quiz (NMSQ).

Initially scheduled to take place at Wa Senior High Technical School on February 11, the national competition has been rescheduled many times before the competition concluded on February 14 in the Wa library complex.

Saint Francis Xavier Junior Seminary Wa, Saint Ignatius of Layola from Lasse Tuolo and Wa Senior High Technical Schools were the only three schools that participated in the regional competition.

Saint Ignatius of Layola, due to their performance in the national competition last year, where they qualified to the quarter-final stage, were granted automatic qualification for the event this year.

Consequently, they have chosen to take part in the regional event by rising to three classes.

Yes, the school was able to test the battle ability of its students to participate.

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The NSMQ is designed to support science and mathematics research and also contribute to the development of fast thinking, experimenting, scientific thinking and competition among senior high school students in the everyday world around them.

The three senior high schools that showed up didn’t disappoint. It was tough in the beginning to stick your neck out in the early rounds as to which of the schools would carry the day.

At the end of the fourth round of a pulsating competition, however, Saint Francis Xavier Minor Seminary Senior High School took the first spot in the regional competition with 27 points.

The rest was Saint Ignatius of Layola Senior High School, following with 21 points and Wa Technical Institute occupying the third spot with 5 points only.

The winning school, Saint Francis Xavier Minor Seminary Senior High School received a GHS 1,000 prize money from the organizers of the NMSQ.

Certificates of participation were given to Saint Ignatius of Layola Senior High school and Wa Technical Institute for their participation.

The results meant that both Saint Xavier Minor Seminary and St. Ignatius of Layola, for the second year running, have qualified for the national competition.

For Wa Technical Institute, they will be making their debut in the national competition after two attempts to qualify from the region failed.