NSMQ 2020 – From zero to hero: the story of Apam SHS and the Central Region Prelims

In the first contest of the day, Apam SHS came up against Eguafo Abrem SHS and Mfantsipim School. After losing to Mfantsipim School, Apam SHS started the third contest with an unparalleled force that saw them leading in all the rounds. 

What was supposed to end in tears for Apam SHS, who lost their contest to Mfantsipim School in the first contest of the Central Region Prelims, turned out a blessing in disguise?

In the first contest of the day, Apam SHS came up against Eguafo Abrem SHS and Mfantsipim School – two-time champions of the NSMQ – but with glory to redeem, Mfantsipim School, who suffered a humiliating defeat in the 2019 edition of the NSMQ, left nothing. They gave Apam SHS and Eguafo Abrem a heavy thrashing in the first contest.

Apam SHS (left), Eguafo Abrem SHS (centre) and Mfantsipim School from the first contest.

Up until the third contest, Apam SHS, with 31 points, stood the chance of participating in the last contest as one of the two top-runners up, however, the third contest ended with T. I AMASS losing with 37 points. Hence, Apam SHS became third in the line of the top-runners up, with Aggrey Memorial SHS on top with 42 points.

Interestingly, as fate would have it, both Aggrey Memorial SHS and T.I. AMASS rejected the offer to participate in the last contest, which left Apam SHS and Ghana National College as the next top runners-up to compete with Winneba SHS.

Even though, Ghana National College also came into the last contest with renewed energy, they could not keep up with Apam SHS.

Apam SHS raced through the second round at lightning speed, which got them leading the group at the end of the Speed Race with a 12-point margin – one that was difficult to bridge.

In the third round, both Apam SHS and Ghana National College made perfect scores of 10 in the Problem of the Day, thereby winning the Prudential Life NSMQ Star, worth a total cash prize of GH¢2000.00 each at the Preliminary Stage.

Apam SHS closed the Central Region Prelims with 54 points, one score higher than Mfantsipim School’s score, and winning the AirtelTigo Highest Scorer of the Day.

Indeed, Mfantsipim School did not see this coming; neither did anyone.

Below is a breakdown of the contest:

Round 1 – General questions on chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics

Apam SHS: 17

Ghana National College: 13

Winneba SHS: 02

The team from Ghana National College
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1 of 26,110

Round 2 – Speed Race

Apam SHS: 31

Ghana National College: 19

Winneba SHS: 02

Round 3 – True/False Statements

Apam SHS: 41

Ghana National College: 29

Winneba SHS: 10

The team from Winneba SHS

Round 4 – Problem of the Day

Apam SHS: 51

Ghana National College: 42

Winneba SHS: 23

Round 5 – Riddles

Apam SHS: 54

Ghana National College: 42

Winneba SHS: 29