NSMQ 2020: GSTS ‘chops’ last; underdogs Boa Amponsem SHS Qualifies for Semi-finals

The quarterfinal contest featuring St. Margaret Mary, Boa Amponsem SHS and GSTS has ended.

Favourites GSTS failed to impress as they could not live up to expectation.

It is Boa Amponsem SHS, the underdogs, who have booked a place in the semifinals.

They will face Opoku Ware School and the winner of the St. Augustine College vs. Kumasi Sec. Tech vs. Accra Academy contest, which comes off later today.

End of contest results

Boa Amponsem – 29points

St. Margaret Mary – 24 points

GSTS – 14 points

What were polls saying

Results from an online poll conducted by organizers of the Quiz predicts victory for GSTS.

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