NSMQ 2020: St. Rose’s SHS qualifies to One-eighth Stage in blazing glory after defeating Akwamuman and Adonten SHS

As a last-minute addition to the schools participating in the #NSMQPrelims,  St. Roses had a point to prove to justify their inclusion.

The last contest on Day Two in the Eastern Region featured St. Rose’s SHS, Akwamuman SHS, and Adonten SHS. Abetifi Presby SHS as a top runner of the region declined participation in this contest paving the way for Akwamuman SHS and Adonten SHS to compete. Unfortunately, Akwamuman SHS and Adonten SHS were unable to grab the golden opportunity given them and were kicked out of the competition.

St. Rose’s SHS led round one with 10 followed closely behind by Akwamuman SHS with 9 points and Adonten SHS with 6 points.

In round two, St. Rose’s SHS and Akwamuman SHS clashed in a tie with 11 points each.

With Akwamuman SHS getting the highest score of four out of 10 points in round three, none of the schools got close to winning the Prudential Life NSMQ Star worth GHC2000.

In the final round, St Rose’s SHS answered three out of four riddles correctly, winning the GOIL Riddle Bonanza worth GHC800. The final round was a chance for St. Roses to show off their wit in blazing glory as they qualified to the One-eighth stage with points.

Contestants from St. Rose’s SHS

Here’s a breakdown of Contest Six in the Eastern Zone Regional Preliminary Stage.

Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics

St. Rose’s SHS – 10

Akwamuman SHS – 9

Adonten SHS – 6

The team from Akwamuman SHS

Round Two – The Speed race

St Rose’s SHS – 11

Akwamuman SHS – 11

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1 of 26,113

Adonten SHS – 9

Round Three – Problem of the Day

Akwamuman SHS – 15

St Rose’s SHS – 14

Adonten SHS – 10

The team from Adonten SHS

Round Four – True or False

St Rose’s SHS – 27

Adonten SHS – 23

Akwamuman SHS – 22

Round Five – Riddles

St Rose’s SHS – 39

Akwamuman SHS – 25

Adonten SHS – 23