NSMQ 2020: Sunyani SHS defeats Sacred SHS & Drobo SHS in Bono-Ahafo Zone Regional Preliminary Stage

Top runners-up from the Bono-Ahafo Zone; Sacred Heart SHS and Drobo SHS had a second go at qualifying for the NSMQ One-eighth stage in a contest against Sunyani SHS.

The contest had a slow start in round one as Drobo SHS led with 5 points, Sacred Heart SHS with 4 points, and Sunyani SHS with 3 points.

Socially-distanced collaboration between members of the audience as they attempt questions from the contest

Sunyani SHS and Drobo swapped places in round two: Drobo SHS with the lowest points of 3 and Sunyani SHS at the forefront with 18 points.

There was a bombshell in round three when unfortunately all the contestants had zero points from solving The Problem of the Day.

Sunyani SHS answered three out of four riddles correctly winning the GOIL Riddle Bonanza worth GHC800; GHC200 to the three contestants and their teacher.

They also beat Techiman SHS by one point in winning the Airtel-Tigo highest Scorer of the Day worth Ghc1000.

At the end of the contest, Sunyani qualified to the One-eighth stage with 38 points kicking out Drobo SHS and Sacred Heart from grabbing the NSMQ trophy.

The team from Sacred Heart SHS

Here’s a breakdown of Contest at Five the Bono-Ahafo Zone Regional Preliminary Stage.

Round One – General questions on chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics

Drobo SHS – 5

Sacred Heart SHS – 4

Sunyani SHS – 3

Round Two – The Speed race

Sunyani SHS – 18

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1 of 26,156

Sacred Heart SHS – 6

Drobo SHS – 3

The team from Drobo SHS

Round Three – Problem of the Day

Sunyani SHS – 18

Sacred Heart SHS – 6

Drobo SHS – 3

Round Four – True or False

Sunyani SHS – 28

Sacred Heart SHS – 10

Drobo SHS – 7

Round Five – Riddles

Sunyani SHS – 38

Sacred Heart SHS – 13

Drobo SHS – 7