NSMQ 2020: Tarkwa SHS advances to 1/8th Stage from the Western Zone Prelims

It was just euphoric when the final bell rang for the end of the preliminary contest of the biggest academic competition in the country, the National Maths and Science Quiz (NSMQ), in the Western Zone.

Contestants representing the Tarkwa Senior High School stood ‘shoulder-higher,’ after recording a final score of 32 points, to beat their counterparts from St. Mary’s Boys’ Senior High School and Bia Senior High Technical School.

At the end of the contest, the Tarkwa SHS contestants, Prince Arhin and Rutherford Afful (who was substituted by Isaac Yankholmes) also became the first contestants to win the Prudential Life Insurance ‘Problem of the Day’ prize, worth GHC2,000.

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This is also the first time Tarkwa SHS has contested in the NSMQ since its introduction.

With the win, Tarkwa SHS NSMQ team will be representing the Western Region, at the one-eighth stage of the National Science and Maths Quiz in Accra.

A representative of the Tarkwa Past Students Association (TARPSA) speaking in an interview after the contest said they will do everything they could to support the NSMQ team and the School with materials and infrastructure needed to enhance teaching and learning.

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