NSMQ 2020: What Happened at this year’s Central Regional Qualifiers?

Apam SHS qualified easily, Mfantsipim School & Ghana National College made their 1st Regional Appearance in several years, T.I. AMASS Potsin won narrowly on Day 1 alongside other big moments.

We take a summary look at this year’s Central Regional Qualifiers, with the highlights from each contest.

Contest One – Although they had a slow start, Apam SHS had only one agenda; to win the contest, and that was exactly what they did.

Contest Two – Ghana National College performed excellently, sealing their victory with vicious speed in round 2, that left the other schools in awe.

Contest Three – Imagine losing a contest by only one point. Heart-wrenching, right? That was the fate of Breman Esikuma in the third contest, as they lost to T. I. AMASS, Potsin.

Contest Four – First-timers at the Regional Qualifiers – Mfantsipim School – won satisfactorily, but not without a little scare by the squad from Jukwa SHTS in the first round.

Contest Five – Arguably the most sensational in the Region – it kept most of the supporters on tenterhooks till the very end! Eguafo Abrem SHS answered the very last riddle on the first clue to win the contest by just one point beating the favourites – Efutu SHTS and Edinaman SHS who were tied at 1st-place up until that point.Prayers were just not enough for Efutu SHTS, who lost with just a single point.

Contest Six – The second day of the Central Regional Qualifiers kicked off with a walk-in-the-park contest for Winneba Senior High School who won effortlessly.

Contest Seven – Despite a so-so speed race, Aggrey Memorial SHS emerged victorious at the end of the seventh contest in the region.

Contest Eighth – The girls from Holy Child School dominated the eighth contest, sharing the spotlight with Twifo Praso SHS in the first round as they took turns answering bonus questions of their contenders, and stealing the show in the Speed Race.

Contest Nine – For the third consecutive year, Mfantsiman Girls’ SHS, one of the only two all-girls’ schools to have ever made it to the final stage of the NSMQ, lost the opportunity to participate in the National Championship, as they lost their contest to Assin State College. Assin State have been infamously referred to as “Giant-stoppers”, beating Aggrey Memorial SHS at the 2019 Central Regional Qualifiers.

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Contest Ten – The last contest of the Central Regional Qualifiers was pretty exciting. With only one slot at stake, Hope College and Swedru SHS, fought really hard to win the contest. Alas, Swedru SHS secured the win and a slot at this year’s National Championship.

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