NSMQ 2020: Zabzugu SHS kicks out Anbariya SHS and Gowire SHTS on Day 2 of the Prelims

Zabzugu SHS, who was not even in the game for the National Championships till March, have justified their inclusion in the Preliminary Stage by masterfully winning against Anbariya SHS and Gowrie SHS.

After initially losing their Regional Qualifier contest in February 2020, Zabzugu SHS was selected by Primetime Ltd., organizers of the NSMQ, to take up one of two vacant slots after all the Regional Qualifiers competitions, giving them a second chance at the Preliminary Stage.

Dr. Anita Oppong-Qauicoe, a lecturer at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Ghana, Legon, was the Quiz Mistress for the Northern Zone.

As top runner-up from the regional qualifiers, Zabzugu SHS earned their slot in the One-eighth Stage by kicking out Anbariya SHS from the Northern Region and Gowrie SHTS from the Upper East Region, on Day One of the Northern Zone Preliminary Stage.

Zabzugu SHS showed much promise leading Round One with 14 points, as well as dominating Round Two with 19 points. Gowrie SHTS was able to maintain their initial five points in Round Two, however, Anbariya SHS lost two points at the end of the second round and started Round Three with just three points.

Zabzugu SHS answering the Problem of the Day

With all the three scoring zero in the Problem of the Day, none of them was able to win the Prudential Life NSMQ Star, worth GH¢2000.00 at the Preliminary Stage.

The team from Anbariya SHS

In Round Four, the other contestants bounced back to life, but with Zabzugu still leading the charge to victory. Round Five saw Zabzugu SHS answering three out of four riddles correctly, winning the GOIL Riddle Bonanza worth a total cash prize of GH¢800.00, to be shared equally among the three contestants and their teacher.

Here’s a breakdown of Contest One of the Northern Zone Regional Preliminary stage.

Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics

Zabzugu SHS – 14

Anbariya SHS – 5

Gowrie SHTS – 5

The team from Gowrie SHTS

Round Two – The Speed race

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1 of 26,176

Zabzugu SHS – 19

Gowrie SHTS – 5

Anbariya SHS – 3

Round Three – Problem of the Day

Zabzugu SHS – 19

Gowrie SHTS – 5

Anbariya SHS – 3

An excited teacher from Zabzugu SHS

Round Four – True or False

Zabzugu SHS – 29

Gowrie SHTS – 15

Anbariya SHS – 13

Round Five – Riddles

Zabzugu SHS – 38

Gowrie SHTS – 15

Anbariya SHS – 13