NSMQ FAQs: What Does A Seeded School mean in The Contest?

The National Science and Maths quiz competition is organized into five main stages which tell how the schools are paired to compete against each other in a transparent and fair manner. Meanwhile, the entire national contest begins with various regional competitions within the year.

In the contest, a seeded school is simply any Senior High School that qualifies from the one-eight stage into the quarterfinals of the competition. This means that all winners of the one-eight stage automatically qualify as seeded schools for the next year. 

The exciting benefit of being a seeded school is that the school will skip two major hot competitions in the next year’s NSMQ: the regional and preliminary stages.

However, all seeded schools must battle it out to maintain that enviable slot in the one-eight stage each year. And once a seeded school loses the one-eight stage it goes back to start at fresh from the regionals.

This is bitter-sweet as some big shots can be relegated to start all over, while new ones are promoted into the seeded slot, and this happens each year. To be a seeded school is the sole fate of the school.

Schools like PRESEC Legon, Mfantsipim, Mawuli, St. Thomas Aquinas, WASS, Wesley Girls (Central), etc. have maintained their seeded slots at least for the past two contests.

Below is a table of schools that maintained their status as seeded schools for two consecutive years making it into 2018 and 2019 NSMQ.

Next is a breakdown of the number of schools that contest at the various stages:

Preliminary – 108 schools

One-Eight Stage – 81 schools

Quarter Finals – 27 schools

Semi-finals – 9 Schools

Grand finale – 3 schools

However, there are a total of 135 schools that contest at the national level as it stands.

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By Prosper Sosu

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