NSMQ Timeline-18: Mawuli School beats OWASS in a Fierce Battle

Two-time winners, Opoku Ware School(OWASS) and New Juaben SHS(NJUASCO) have been kicked out of the 2018 National Science and Maths quiz after a fierce battle with Mawuli School.


After qualifying to the quarter-final stage in style on Thursday, June 21, Opoku Ware School were unable to secure their place in the Semi-final stage on Friday, June 29 as Mawuli School beat them with a 3-point difference.

Mawuli School and Opoku Ware School were tied at 44 points each at the end of the 5th round.

Mawuli School

Unfortunately, Opoku Ware School answered the breaker question wrongly which gave Mawuli the advantage to answer and claim the win.

Thus, Mawuli School won with 47 points, while Opoku Ware School scored 44 points, and New Juabeng SHS trailed with 24 points.

With the introduction of the GCB Bank’s Money Zone, each point of the competing schools at the quarter-final stage is worth Five Ghana Cedis(GHS5), which will be paid out to each of the three competitors and their teacher.

Opoku Ware School received a total of GHS880 as a cash price from GCB Bank Ltd, while New Juaben received a total of GHS480, and Mawuli School received GHS940.

Mawuli School has qualified to compete in the Semi-Final stage of the 2018 NSMQ.

The Quarter Finals stage spans from June 28th- June 30, and Semi-Finals on July 2, 2018.

The Grand Finale of the NSMQ 2018 will be held on Thursday, July 5, 2018.

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