NSMQ2020 qualifiers: Archbishop Porter Girls’ ready for Sekco threat as Francis Xavier seeks double over Wa SHS

After five rounds of excruciating head-scratching, the otherwise favourites in that one-eighth, single-elimination contest, found themselves no match for regional rivals St Johns School who beat them comfortably to wrestle the seeded spot.

And so Archbishop Porter Girls ‘ SHS had to battle other schools in the Western region for a place in the preliminary stages of the national championship after years of starting their national science and math Quiz initiative with the lucky few in their eighth level.

The time is near and the dead are cast; the quarter-finalists of Sekondi College 2017 are the bigger threat for Porter Girls’ inclusion in the 2020 quiz.

Shama SHS, Gwiraman SHS and Daboase SHTS both try to make their name known to Ghana if they do not do so.

In other places in the Upper West Region, the St. Francis Xavier junior seminary, which lost two out of two competitions in the 2019 campaign, has again to show Wa’s best footsteps in the remainder of the competitions for Central and central north.

The school of all boys was at the outset at the Kumasi Academy but scored enough points to become one of the 18′ High-scoring Losing Schools’ during the single-elimination stages.

However, they couldn’t save themselves and were tossed out at the 8th level by Obuasi SHTS.

To order to again take pride in the High West Area, they have to finish a double over Wa Senior High, who they defeated of 2019 to qualify for a national championship.

Some contestants in the Lambussie Community SHS and Loggu Community SHS aim to amaze the usual one-eighth stage starters.

The contest may seem formal to St Francis Xavier, but understanding the NSMQ, they are best prepared to fight death in the first place for this single spot.

Source: myjoyonline

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