NUGS Supports EC, On Campus Registration of SHS Students

The National Union of Ghanaian Students (NUGS) has backed the Electoral Commission (EC) decision to register eligible Senior High School (SHS) students across the country on their respective campuses.

The EC scheduled Saturday, July 18, 2020, in the midst of opposition from the NDC and some others, to register eligible SHS students who were unable to register in the previous two ( 2 ) days allotted by the Commission to register them.

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In response to this development, the NUGS National President Isaac Jay Hyde announced at a press conference on Tuesday that“the Constitution of the Republic stipulates that every Ghanaian of age (i.e. 18years and above) and of sound mind, has the right to participate in electing who becomes the leader both in the parliamentary and presidential elections organize in the country.  It is therefore, Unconstitutional for the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana or any person or any group of persons to intentionally or unintentionally take steps or engage in any action that will disenfranchise any student from voting in this year’s general election.”

According to NUGS “the Youth of this country will not sit aloof for our future to be toyed with by politicians. We need to be allowed to play a critical role in the decision making of our country.”

Furthermore, NUGS has threatened to seek legal redress at the court if the students in this country are disenfranchised by the EC through whatsoever means.

They have therefore called on Civil Society Organizations, political parties, the Peace Council and all stakeholders in Ghana to join in the call for the EC to get the Youth, especially students who are in schools and meet the age criteria, eg, Senior High Schools registered.