[VIDEO] Obuasi SecTech Students Invent Innovative Hand-Washing Buckets For COVID-19

Source: shstrendz.com

Students at Obuasi Sectech developed a washing machine according to the attached video. The bucket for hand-washing doesn’t need you to keep the pipe knob connected to open it.

This detects the presences of one, and enables the movement of water. It is a group of Obuasi Secondary Technical School robotics students who brought this new invention.

With this achievement, Obuasi Sectech students have to be confident of themselves. Here is what’s going on around the planet when we fight the war.

We ask policy and private organisations now to help this campaign to bring this to our cities, communities, and workplaces in vast quantities. It is likely to replace the Veronica bowl in the coming months.

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The accomplishment that Obuasi Sectech students accomplished has prompted others to wonder what KNUST and UG students are doing at all to help battle the COVID-19.


This Obuasi Sectech automated handwashing system must not be allowed to die. President Nana Addo and the ministry of health must be interested in this.

If nothing at all, KNUST come out with new sanitizers, what about University of Ghana students. Let us help fight COVID-19.