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OpenAI Sam Altman Gay: Meet Boyfriend Oliver Mulherin

Sam Altman gay news is trending online. If you want to know more about his sexuality and relationship status, read this article till the end.

Sam Altman is a prominent entrepreneur and investor from the United States of America. He is widely famous for serving as the chief executive officer of OpenAI.

Furthermore, Altman took the respective role between 2019 and 2023. In the same way, he worked as president of Y Combinator from 2014 to 2019.

During his tenure, Y Combinator expanded its influence in the startup ecosystem. His involvement in OpenAI underscores his interest in shaping the societal impacts of emerging technologies. 

Sam is currently in the media prominence after being ousted as the head of the artificial intelligence firm OpenAI. With that news, people are eager to know more about Sam’s personal life.

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OpenAI Sam Altman Is Gay: All About His Sexuality

Sam Altman is gay, and his sexuality has dragged everyone’s eyes on the web. The news of his sexuality has become a hot topic, and people want to know more about this matter.

For your information, Altman is openly gay. He has also talked about his early life in an interview where he said something regarding his sexuality.

Sam Altman is gay, and he has openly shared information related to his sexuality with the media. ( Source: CNN )

While talking with the New Yorker, Altman noted that having a Mac helped him with his sexuality. He said, “Growing up gay in the Midwest in the two-thousands was not the most awesome thing.”

Sam said finding AOL chat rooms was transformative. It has been reported that Altman came out to his parents at the age of 16.

Is Sam Altman Married To His Boyfriend Oliver Mulherin?

There are no records of Sam Altman marrying his boyfriend, Oliver Mulherin. However, it can be confirmed that they are together and may be planning to tie the knot.

Altman has kept his relationship with Mulherin fairly private. Despite that, he has opened up about his life with his partner in an interview.

Sam Altman Boyfriend
Sam Altman and his boyfriend Oliver Mulherin at a White House dinner. ( Source: Business Insider )

Altman said during the work week, the pair live together in a house on Russian Hill in the city of San Francisco. On the weekends, they reside in a remodelled house on a private ranch in Napa, California.

Furthermore, Sam wants to have kids soon with his partner as he likes big families.  

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Take A Look At Sam Altman Relationship History

Sam Altman is currently in a happy relationship with Oliver Mulherin. Before Oliver, Sam dated Loopt co-founder Nick Sivo.

The former pair remained together for nine years. Sam and Nick built a startup called Loopt, geolocation software for friends. Meanwhile, Sam said he was working so hard on Loopt that he got scurvy.

Sam Altman Relationship
Sam Altman was in a romantic relationship with Loopt co-founder Nick Sivo and the duo remained together for nine years. ( Source: Twitter )

In 2004, the duo broke up after they sold the company in 2012. Sam has been open about his affair with Nick, and he thought he was going to marry Nick.

In an interview, Sam said, “I thought I was going to marry him; very in love with him.” Following that, he launched a small venture fund, Hydrazine Capital. 

Moreover, both Sam and Nick are focused on their own lives, and they are busy making their career better. 

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