Opera News Hub announces Winners of Original Articles of the Week Reward(1)


It’s already a week and Opera News Hub presents to you the winners of our weekly high quality and original articles for the $20 prize for Week one(1). 

This week, we have varieties of thought-provoking and interesting topics from different writers and in different categories-from politics though to social, health and entertainment. On the political front, a writer analyses the goings in the National Democratic Congress(NDC) and how it could potentially affect its chance in the 2020 general elections. There is also an article on what to do when you are bitten by a snake and the dangers of sleeping under a ceiling fan and many more interesting topics to read on.

From today however, we expect to receive in depth-analysis and interesting topics from Hub writers. We are also expecting that the number of original articles written by our writers would increase and touch different categories. 

Opera News Hub’s objective for this initiative is to provide Opera news Hub writers with the opportunity to express their creativity and avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement. We value originality and we are encouraged to reward writers that post original content which meet all the criteria of this initiative.

We present to you winners of our original articles of the week:

Internal Coup in NDC- Can Mahama Survive? – RKeelson

First Aid Treatment For Snake Bites – GodwinGakor

Risk associated with sleeping under ceiling fan – Dolaw

Parsley, Scent Leaf or Nunum: Dos and The Unknown Don’t – Queendzaase

Historical Statistics Favourably Predicts The Likely Winner Of Ghana’s 2020 Elections – D.K.Joseph.

7 Things Your Menstrual Blood Colour Is Saying About Your Health – GenesisPublisher

China – U.S. “war”, why Africa must be more worried – TsaliG

Is this Ghanaian drink the “magic coronavirus cure?-TsaliG

Africa’s top ten countries with the most natural resources – GatherBax123

5 Pastors In Africa Who Made Headlines For The Wrong Reasons – 1Gabs

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