Opera News Hub Writer Shares His Experience About The Platform


They say experience is the best teacher. The older you grow the wiser you become. This can be likened to my experience as an Opera News Creator.

I started this platform on the 8 of April, that’s nearly two months. My first 3 posts was rejected for for being an advertisement and not original. I was discouraged and I immediately screenshot and Whatsapp to my blogger colleague who told me about the platform.

By then I haven’t read the rules and regulations guiding creators. I wanted to quit but another instinct tell me to continue atleast even if it’s money for subscription that am getting. It’s OK.”

As time goes on, I started creating and publishing frequently. Then I met another stumbling block – I was banned from posting “sensitive” issues like coronavirus and politics. We all know coronavirus and political articles are the easiest content to write about.

I didn’t mind, I wrote about coronavirus again thinking đź’­ it would be ignored, but lo and behold it was rejected. Na then I know say e don red. I appealed to the ban but to no avail, it was not uplifted. I moved on to my main niche which is celebrity gist and sports.

But something caught my attention, there was a time I wrote an article titled “See Letter Reno Omokri Wrote To Ladies Who Think Only A Strong Man Can Handle A Strong Woman”. In the first paragraph, I described Reno Omokri as the “spokesman to the former President Goodluck Jonathan and Pastor of the Mind of Christ Christian Center”.

It was rejected upon arrival for relating to politics.

I went back to the drawing board and removed few words that relate to politics. It now look like “Pastor of the Mind of Christ Christian Center”. It was accepted immediately I clicked publish. I learnt one trick there.

To be continued..

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