Opoku Ware School (OWASS) takes lead over Accra Academy in Round 2 of NSMQ 2020 Semi-finals

The semifinal contest featuring Opoku Ware School, Boa Amponsem SHS and Accra Academy is underway.

The winner of the contest will proceed to the final.

Opoku Ware School is the only one among the three to have ever won the NSMQ National Championship.

The contest is in the third round with the problem of the day.

Round 2 results

Opoku Ware School – 31pts

Accra Academy – 23pts

Boa Amponsem SHS – 9pts

Round 1 results

Accra Academy – 23pts

Opoku Ware School – 20pts

Boa Amponsem SHS – 10pts

By Univers Radio

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