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The Obuasi East District Health Directorate is set to deworm over 24,000 schoolchildren in the district as part of a nationwide deworming exercise.

The Chief Executive of the Obuasi East District, Hon. Faustina Amissah, will administer Praziquantel and Albendazole dosages to each child at St. Joseph School, Wawase, based on their height.

The Obuasi East District Assembly and Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Patrick Boakye Yiadom, have supported the exercise.

The programme, which aims to improve the health of school-aged children, focuses on parasitic illnesses that can harm their growth and overall health.

The drugs will be given to school-age children at their respective schools under the watchful supervision of teachers, with help from local health workers.

In an interview with journalists, Hon. Faustina Amisah, the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Obuasi East, encouraged students to participate actively and urged parents to support and engage their children in the deworming process.

She believes that such programmes not only benefit individuals but also help to build a healthier, more resilient society.

The DCE expressed gratitude to everyone engaged and emphasising the importance of collaboration in ensuring the success of projects that directly influence the well-being of our communities.

Health professionals on hand to provide the medications to the youngsters at St. Joseph School emphasised the significance of taking precautions to avoid parasite illnesses.

The campaign also featured educational seminars to help kids, teachers, and parents understand the importance of frequent deworming in preserving good health.

On his part, the District Disease Control Officer, Solomon Aduhene, expressed the Directorate’s commitment to extending the deworming programme to various schools across the district, stating the need for a collective effort to promote the health and well-being of shoolchildren.

“The initiative aligns with the government’s broader healthcare goals, particularly in addressing preventable diseases and improving overall public health”.

He also stated that the initiative’s principal goal is to provide deworming medication to all pupils from kindergarten 1 to junior high school 3. The purpose is to improve the health of school-age children, with a focus on anaemia.

The prescription treatments, apraziquantel for schistosomiasis and albendazole for different worm infections, are designed to reduce anaemia and malnutrition in the targeted population.

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