Pejoweb Review & Guide – How to Earn as a Writer, Profile Information and Payment Method is a Web Platform for users looking to Earn on their Creative and Original works.

You earn when you post to Albums, Articles, Videos, and Downloads
– Make sure you share your posts and ask your friends to help you increase your earnings by tapping the
blue Stars button at the end of your posts. your earnings increase on every click.

– Your Audience do not need to log in to help increase your earnings.

– You can request Payout when your earnings get to $10 by registering here.

– You can also earn when you share links to your Posts with People who might be very interested and are likely to send you cash as support.

– Your sponsors and audience can send you cash when they click the Green button “Send Cash” at the end of your posts

– You would be notified of cash gifts beneath your profile information on your profile page

We Pay directly to the account you provided in your profile information. Paypal and Paystack accounts are also be accepted. Note that Most African countries would not accept Paypal payments.  

Some examples of what you can post:

Picture Albums
Some more specific examples include
– Photo album of cultural displays
– Photo album of a religious program
– Photo album of screenshots of your notes or jotting while you read
– Photo album of beautiful landscape or buildings
– Photo album of cute animals
– Photo album of fashion styles or ethnic outift
– Photo Album of your cultural dish or your invented dish
– Photo album of yourself
– Photo album of Smart kids
– Photo album of Do it yourself tutorials
– Photo album of a situation or Event you want to report
– Photo album of basically anything beneficial to others

Notes and Articles 
Some Specific Examples include notes/articles 
– Of your lectures
– On Touching areas in the society
– On religion
– On culture
– On your field of study
– Poems
– Stories
– News
– Reporting a crime as News
– Do it yourself tutorials
– You can write on any area that interests and you would love to share with the world

– Same examples as for Albums and Articles

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– Users are already sharing Books and Other files on Pejoweb Downloads page. Be part of it.
You can share
– Audios
– Videos
– Books
– Compressed files
– Presentations 

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Promoting your Business and Buying from Pejoweb Fair
– You can Promote your business and sell used goods on Pejoweb Fair.
– Clients can pay sellers in advance through our system and when we confirm that they have recieved their delivery we process the payment to the seller
– In an event where the seller fails to deliver, we refund the money back to the client.

For Inquiries:

Some More…

Users are encouraged to post Original content, rare online, of great help to a lot of viewers, bordering on delicate issues of the society, lectures, DIYs, etc.

Do you think a lot areas have already been covered online that there would hardly been any areas left for you to show originality?

In fact a lot is yet to be covered, many times we don’t find what we looked for online, even when they appear on search engines, they have to be paid for.

Even, there is a deficiency of African contents on the Internet. A huge part of African Education, Traditional medicine, Achievements, inventions and innovations and so on do not make it to the net.

You can earn a living off Pejoweb my friend.


Join Pejoweb now as a writer or content creator and earn more with great commission. Just sign up or register here. Get caught up in PEJOWEB: Rewarding users and organizing contests are not the sole responsibilities of Pejoweb administrators. Other users can organize online contests too using hashtags, codes, and addition of special names tags to their titles (Contact the admin to aid you in a Pejoweb allied contest)