Pentecost University to Modify Its Name and Logo to Reflect ‘New Vision’

Pentecost University is set to modify its name and logo in the coming months. The change is expected to reflect the new vision and independent status of the University. On June 01, 2020, Pentecost University received the Presidential Charter to operate as a fully-fledged university. In view of that, the university looks forward to changing many things including its visual impressions.

Upon attaining the Charter, the University set up a Branding Committee to drive changes that will mirror its new phase. After broad consultations with staff, students and other critical stakeholders, the committee recommends that the university modifies its name and change the logo.

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According to the Chairman of the Committee, Ign. Owura Sarfo “our research and analysis show that the existing visual impressions like the logo and colours are suitable for the Bible School that form the foundation for the University. But now, the University needs to get a new logo that projects the academic scholarship as well”.

Ign. Owura Sarfo also added that the Committee has consulted broadly and selected a logo, emblems, and colors that will excite all stakeholders. “I can assure that the new logo will excite everyone and gravitate students and staff toward the aspirations of the new University,” he stated.

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