PentVars: We can’t mix old and new wine as a Chartered University – Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor of Pentecost University, Aps. Dr. Daniel O. Walker, has called for a decisive change in Pentecost University.

According to the VC, as the school transitions from a college to a full-fledged University, there is the need to change how things are done.

The VC made the comments in an exhortation when he opened a meeting between the University’s EMT and the newly set up Branding Committee.

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“In our over a decade existence, we have built an organizational culture that defines our processes and interaction”, he said. He added that “this culture defines our internal communication, external relationships, admission processes, conditions of service and general attitude towards work. This culture has duly served us for the past years but now, we have moved into a new phase that requires us to alter it”.

Likening it to the Biblical teaching of old and new wine in 1Peter, Aps. Dr. Walker said our charter status will be of no use if we continue with the PUC culture in the new and chartered Pentecost University. He is hopeful that the report of the Branding Committee will offer strategic direction concerning this change.