Political cartels in Lagos are conspiring against me

Dr Olajide Adediran, often known as Jandor, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for governor in Lagos, has revealed plots by cartels and godfathers inside the PDP and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to undermine his chances of winning the governorship poll on March 18.

Despite the overwhelming difficulties, Jandor is confident in his ultimate victory, declaring, “the battle is of God and not of Jandor or of any godfather.”

This occurred in Ikeja, Lagos, as the governor’s wife, Mariam Adediran, was formally introduced to party members. 

This followed a social media video in which a woman claimed to be Jandor’s mistress and that she had been dumped by Jandor after a series of passionate encounters between the two.

This followed a social media video in which a woman claimed to be Jandor’s mistress and that she had been dumped by Jandor after a series of passionate encounters between the two.

Mrs Adediran arrived from the United States and attended a meeting of Jandor’s campaign’s stakeholders at the Liberty House at around 5:50 p.m.

Addressing a crowd of mostly women leaders and PDP members from the state’s 20 LGAs in the late evening of Tuesday, he said he was aware of some PDP godfathers who had chosen to assure his defeat at the Saturday polls by endorsing and campaigning for Labour Party candidate, Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour, as well as APC, probably referring to PDP chieftain, Bode George, and President-elect, Bola Tinubu.

According to him, ”We are all aware of the whirlwind in the polity towards this governorship polls in Lagos as a result of activities of some godfathers in PDP and APC who are bent on subverting the wishes of the majority.

“The leaders have been beating the drums of war for the last few weeks with provocative statements, harassment, and propaganda. But am sure all these will soon subside. God has exposed them as they are beating the drums of war.

“Because I resisted the move by a godfather in PDP to pick Rhodes-Vivour as my deputy, they lured him (Rhodes Vivour) to Labour Party to confront us and stop our dream but this will definitely fail. We are resolute in attaining victory. We have worked hard for it in the last 10 years. The new wave of LP will not stop us.

“Everything needed to be done to ensure victory we have done, nothing will stop our victory on Saturday. We have our eyes on the ball. The battle I not of Jandor but it’s of the Lord, like the Biblical Gideon. And By God’s grace, we will this election to free Lagosians from the shackles of godfatherism which have held sway for many years in the state”.

Referring to the ruling party, APC, the incumbent governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Tinubu, Jandor said “they are in the panic mood as the state governor, Sanwo-Olu has suddenly turned into a jelly-fish, running from pillar to post to save his job. There will be no need for all these if he has performed. ”

Jandor continued: “We know they (APC) have been collecting Permanent Voter Cards, PVC, from the electorate to manipulate the polls’ result. But we are assuring them they will meet their waterloo this time.

“They (APC) do not have the monopoly of madness. Machinery has been put in place to check for any fraudulent moves. We will protect our votes from polling to collation centres.

“This election is to send the ruling APC packing. Remain steadfast, and calm down because the battle is of the Lord. We will win this election.

“To the electorate and PDP faithful, I urge you not to succumb to their threats and intimidation. We will protect our votes. Our votes will count this time, come out on Saturday, en-masse to exercise your rights.”

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