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Taylor Quick did not make it to the list of Oscar nominees! On January 24, 2023, Oscar assignments were reported and there was one main character who didn’t pack an Oscar label on her cat and that was, in all honesty, Taylor Quick.

Quick was up for the Oscars waiting list for Best Unique Score for her track Carolina, which she composed and performed for the spine-chilling secret 2022 film Where the Crawdads Sing. Keep scrolling for more information to see which tunes were named to the Foundation’s 95th Best Unique Tune Ranking.


Taylor Quick is being snubbed by the Academy Awards for Best Original Tune

You better believe it, you read that correctly. Snow artist by the ocean neglected to come to the list of Oscar nominees. Kwik Carolina’s tune from the movie Where the Crawdads Sing Not was nominated for Best Unique Tune for the 2023 Academy Awards.

Then again, when we shed some light on the picks in our Best Unique Melody ranking, it had some major names like Rihanna and Woman Crazy. Rihanna’s tune Lift Me Up from Wonder’s blockbuster Dark Puma: Wakanda Always and Woman Crazy’s Hold My Hand from Tom Voyage’s Top Weapon: Nonconformist nods Oscars for Best Unique Melody.

Along with Rihanna and Woman Crazy, Mitski and David Byrne also got a selection of their tune This Is Everyday Presence from Everything Wherever It Is at the same time. The different nominees in a similar ranking are as follows: Naatu from RRR, and Praise from Tell It Like a Lady.

Here’s everything you need to know about Taylor Quick’s “Carolina.”
For those of you uninitiated, let us share with you, Taylor Quick’s Carolina tune from Where the Crawdads Sing. This season, Carolina’s tune has been selected for Pundits Decision, Brilliant Globes, and Hollywood Music in Media Grants.

Furthermore, Carolina Quick’s tune was selected for a Grammy Award as well as Composed Melody for Visual Media. Taylor also earned nods for Melody of the Year (Very Well), Blue Grass Melody (I Bet You’re Looking at Me (From The Vault), and Best Music Video (Really Well: The Short Film).

The tune is Rihanna’s Lift Me Up, co-written with author Ludwig Goransson and head Ryan Coogler of Dark Jaguar: Wakanda For Eternals. The tune was written as a tribute to Chadwick Boseman, who took on the role of Governor T’Challa in the first Dark Jaguar. Chadwick died at the age of 43 in 2020 after battling with the growth of a malignant polyp in his colon.

Woman Crazy’s Hold My Hand, from Top Weapon: Freethinker was co-created with Bloodpop and figured out how to create a buzz among viewers. Melody has stocked assignments at Decision Grants and Brilliant Globes.

Ruling the movie in the world of cinema, Naatu is a RRR that has been circulating across the web as one of the leading Oscars. The 2023 Oscars will be held at Walk 12 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

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