Preparation By Schools Towards Re-opening – Upper East Region

Heads of Second Cycle institutions in the Upper East Region have appealed to the government, to post health workers to the various schools in order to test students on their return.

They noted that while the government had promised to provide some Personal Protective Equipment to teachers and students, it was imperative for the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service to post some frontline workers at the various schools to screen all teachers and students before they entered schools.

This, they underscored, would ensure that students with the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) symptoms were identified, isolated and given the required treatment.

During President Akufo-Addo’s 10th address to the nation on the steps being taken to ease restrictions, while combating the spread of Coronavirus Disease, final year students as well as second year gold track students from second cycle institutions were requested to return to school by 22 June 2020.

The President also asked school administrations to ensure that the prescribed security protocols were followed to curtail the spread of the disease.

The heads expressed readiness and stated that measures were put in place in order to ensure strict compliance with the necessary directives when the Ghana News Agency visited the region to interact with some schools administrations – to determine their level of readiness to open the schools once again.

The Headmasters said their schools had been fumigated and had acquired some sanitation products, including veronica buckets, hand sanitizers, and soaps, to ensure daily hand washing by both teachers and students.

Mrs Patricia Anaba, the Headmistress of Bolgatanga Girls’ Senior High School (BOGISS), said the number of classes had been expanded from the usual 12 and 10 for third and second years’ gold track to 23 and 22 classes respectively as the number of students per each class was reduced to between 25 and 30.

She added that the number of students per dining table was reduced by 12 to 6 per table and only 20 students were allowed than the normal 40 in each dormitory.

Although the school had received few sanitation materials including veronica buckets, hand sanitizers,nose masks and soaps , the headmaster urged the government to increase the PPEs.

Mr Afelbeik Ababu, Headmaster of Bolgatanga Senior High School (BIG BOSS), said to the GNA that, the school was ready for resumption, while strictly guaranteeing the necessary precautionary protocols, including social distance.

He said the school had been fumigated and had been provided with some Personal Protective Equipment for the staff who were still in school.

20 veronica buckets, soaps, hand sanitizers, stands, and two infrared gun thermometers were obtained by the school management.

The Headmaster said the classes were reduced to between 25 and 30 while the arrangement for a dining sitting was also reduced from 12 to six people per table and the number of students in each dormitory was also reduced.

Mr. Joseph Tham, Senior House Master, Bolgatanga Technical Institute (BOTECH), said the school was running only one track and expects 830 final years students to return.

He clarified that all the guidelines needed were being implemented to ensure that teachers and students followed the precautionary protocols to curb the virus spread.

All school heads told GNA that sirens would be used to make announcements, among others, for all social gatherings such as assemblies and public prayers.

Source: GNA

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