PRESEC-Legon qualifies for Grand Finale ‘destroys’ Kumaca and Aburi Presby

Presec Legon has made it to the grand finale of this year’s National Science and Maths Quiz after recording a victory over Kumasi Academy and Aburi Presby Senior High Technical School.

They will face Opoku Ware School and Adisadel College on Thursday, October 8, 2020, for the Grand Finale at the National Theatre.

Judging from their previous contests, Presec Legon was expected to win the semi-final contest.

They began the contest with a massive score of 26 points in Round 1, then skyrocketed to 40 points in Round 2 with the speed race.

They made a perfect score of ten after the problem of the day and after solving almost all the true/false questions and riddles, Presec Legon ended the score with a whopping 66 points.

This earned them the Airtel Tigo Highest Scorer of the Day money worth 5,000 Ghana cedis.

End of Round 5

PRESEC Legon – 66

Kumasi Academy – 38

Aburi Presby – 18

End of Round 4

PRESEC Legon – 60

Kumasi Academy – 35

Aburi Presby – 18

End of Round 3 results

PRESEC Legon – 50

Kumasi Academy – 19

Aburi Presby – 8

End of Round 2 results

PRESEC Legon – 40

Kumasi Academy – 12

Aburi Presby – 8

End of Round 1 results

PRESEC Legon – 26

Kumasi Academy – 11

Aburi Presby – 8

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