Radio Univers Online NSMQ 2020 Poll tips PRESEC to defeat Adisco and OWASS

If online polls have are 100% reliable, then students of Presbyterian Boys SHS, Legon (LEGON PRESEC) should start rehearsing their victory dance as they have been tipped to win.

The five-time champions will, this afternoon, come against two-time winners Opoku Ware and come against one-time champion Adisadel College.

The contest is expected to be keen as all schools have been impressive in this year’s competition.

According to an online poll created by organizers of the Quiz, students and friends of LEGON-PRESEC sleep tonight with their mission ‘Let’s Talk about Six’ achieved.

LEGON PRESEC is also the favorites to win according to a poll organized University of Ghana-based Radio Univers 105.7FM.

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