Rasheem Carter: Black Mississippi Man Found Dismembered After Allegedly Being Chased By White Men, Family Demands Answers

More than four months after his dismembered remains were found in a wooded area, a family Rashim Carter Demanding the DOJ take over the case, local authorities were quick to rule out foul play from the start.

Authorities said they had “no reason” to suspect play in the Rashim Carter case

WAPT reported that Rashim disappeared again in early October, and — shortly before his disappearance — the 25-year-old informed his mother that he was being pursued by a group of white men in Taylorsville, Mississippi.

After his dismembered remains were later found in early November, the Smith County Sheriff’s Office noted that—in the course of the death investigation—”they had no reason to believe foul play was involved.”

While the post did not clarify the position of the sheriff’s office, NBC News reported that authorities told three different family members that they believed wild animals may have been responsible for dismembering Rashim Carter’s body.

It should also be added that the medical examiner was unable to establish the cause of death, since Carter’s remains were badly decomposed.

Ben Crump calls the situation a “Mississippi lynching”

However, the Carter family immediately considers the account, and enlists the help of Ben Crump to aid in their pursuit of justice.

The civil rights attorney, during a recent press conference, confirmed the suspicion of the situation, noting that Rashim’s head and spinal cord were traced to two separate areas.

“His head was severed from his body. His vertebrae, his backbone, were in another place they discovered apart from his severed head.”

He went on to declare, “Someone killed Rashim Carter, and we can’t let them get away with this.”

“One thing is for sure: This was not a natural death. This represents a young man who was murdered. What that tells us is that this was an atrocity, an evil act. Someone killed Rachiem Carter, and we can’t let them get away with it.”

Additionally, Crump described it as a “2022 Mississippi murder.”

As a result of these factors, Crump and the family want the Department of Justice to get involved.

“We need the highest levels of law enforcement to administer justice to Rashim Carter as if he were your own child.”

We send our condolences to the family and pray for Rashim Carter to see justice done.


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