Recruitment Requirements of The Ghana Armed Forces

To keep the peace, security and stability in a country, it is important for a country to have an effective and disciplined force. Ghana Armed Force is what keeps all the ill-willed individuals and external threats away from the borders of Ghana. This force is made up of able-bodied individuals who have sacrificed their lives to safeguard the borders of Ghana. However, to keep this force alive the GAF has to conduct annual recruitment of new soldiers from citizen volunteers with the urge to serve the country.

Like the Ghana armed forces recruitment 2019, there is always a definite process followed during the selection of most suitable candidates for the army. This process might not be apparent to most, thus the need to read the details below.

Ghana Armed Forces recruitment requirement –

For you to be eligible for recruitment into the Ghana armed forces, you have to ensure that you have met the minimum requirements set by the forces. Some of these requirements are filtering mechanism to separate the best candidates from the rest, thus guaranteeing the creation of a strong and effective force. Enshrined in the Ghana armed forces recruitment 2018 process, are some specifications that all candidates have to fulfill before making it to the final list of recruits. Listed below are the most crucial requirements that you need to satisfy for you to be recruited into the Ghana Armed Forces.

1. Be a Ghanaian by birth

2. Do not have a pending court case or bond

3. Have a good character

4. Meet medical standards of the Ghana Armed Forces

5. For those aiming at being regular officers, you do not have to be married

6. Must be more than 18 years of age and less than 25 years for Non-tradesmen while below 27 years for Tradesmen.

7. Male candidates should have a minimum height of 5’6” or 1.68m, while 5’2” or 1.57m for women. Those who want to get into military police have to be 1.75m or 5’9” for males, while 1.7m or 5’7” women.

8. All candidates have to satisfy the following academic qualifications;

• Must have six credits(over C6) from WASSCE, with core Mathematics, core English and core Science included.

• At GCE A-Level, the candidate has to surpass D in three subjects and get five credits in science, mathematics and English included, at the GCE-O Level.

• At SSCE, six credits(above D) with core English, core science and core mathematics in the mix.

Ghana Armed Forces recruitment questions

In every recruitment process by the forces, there are essential questions that keep popping up from the potential candidates. The army also has questions that need to be answered by potential candidates, packaged in the Ghana Armed Forces recruitment forms. Below are some of the most crucial questions asked in 2020 recruitment process.

• When will GAF Recruit for 2020?

• Has the GAF recruitment process for 2020 started?

• When will the GAF recruitment process end?

• How to find GAF recruitment guide?

• What are the requirements for GAF recruitment 2020?

• How to apply for GAF recruitment 2020?- graduate and normal candidature

Ghana Armed Forces recruitment process

Doing things right, is the first step in getting an opportunity to serve in the Ghana Armed Forces. For medical specialists with the need to serve in the forces, you have to meet the Ghana armed forces medical recruitment requirements and follow the right steps before being listed on the final list of recruits. If you have no idea of the recruitment process to follow, read the details below.

1. With GH¢ 50, you should buy a scratch card from a selected regional post office.

2. With a gentle touch, scratch the card until the hidden pin is revealed. You have three chances to use the card to submit a successful record.

3. After this, you have to log into GAF recruitment portal (, and carefully read all the entry requirements.

4. To open the applicant confirmation page, you will have to click on the “Apply now.”

5. Then feed your card serial number, the pin code and choose the armed service that you prefer and the type of commission before you click submit.

6. Feed your data and note the following:

• Your preferred vacancy and the necessary information

• Upload a photograph, passport size of 200*180 pixels dimension, give your current personal phone number (in the format +2332123…), active e-mail address and any additional information as requested in the portal.

• Provide your EASSCE/SSCE index number and the serial number of the result slip. You will also be provided with a list where you will choose a tertiary institution. After this, you will have to give your graduating GPA/CWA accompanied by all the requested data. To crown it all, you will have to upload scanned copies of your first-degree certificate, and WSSCE results slip.

7. Go to the preview button to view a summarized version of all the data you have provided. Carefully read the information displayed and click the “back” button for any corrections that you might want to make.

8. Once you have ascertained the correctness of the information provided, click submit. You will instantly receive an e-mail and a phone message containing your “unique ID number” generated by the system.

9. Print the report and keep the /e-mail and print.

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