‘Save The Second Year Gold Trackers Now’- Educationalist urges

The timetable for the first and second years of the term for the track system should be checked. This is because of the following reasons; it is seen from the time table published that the second year’s green batch will restart while the gold will stay home until March. It’s easier to restart together as students learn more within themselves.

The academic calendar 2019/2020

One might suggest, because of insufficient classrooms among other reasons, this can not be likely. There should be an alternate plan for the first and second years to help curb this problem.

All tracks of a year’s batch should be in school at a certain date, while the other year’s batch sits at home waiting for the former to resume his vacation.

Groups may invest one or two months at a time each year. This will go a long way to curb the almost redundant nature of having students at home for months to experience.

Nonetheless, owing to the strike action that teachers embarked on last November, the first and second-year groups ‘ gold track was really impacted because their working hours were drastically reduced, reducing teaching and learning. If the recommendation above is not turnable, l will also say that the gold track both
first and second years should be given that priority, as they are already lagging behind.

Long stay in school is not necessarily a good education as it entails accompanying issues, such as exhaustion on the one side of teachers and students and on the other of non-students. It can also drive students to promiscuity. However, I don’t think the semester planners of this program took into consideration the health implications for the teachers who are the core drivers of this program up to now.

Some of the students, as they teach all the tracks, have no break in the who year. Can we at least have a wider national consultation to see the way forward on this issue?

When parents, educators, priests, legislators, policymakers, the peace council and the state council refuse to act in advance, this country’s future risks collapse. Now is the time to do that.

Assem Humphrey Darkeh (Citizen Vigilante on Education)

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