Secret Guide: How to Pass NOV/DEC 2020 Exams (Private Candidates) Without Resit

Are you writing the 2020 Nov/Dec and wondering how to make good grades in the upcoming 2020 Nov/Dec examination? If you failed an exam and want to resit and pass that same paper or subject then get busy with this definitive guide to re-sitting and passing an exam from an experienced educator.

Failure is success turned upside down and you pass the exams you failed, you have to do the right things more and correct the mistakes that caused your failure. Sometimes students are not aware of the mistakes they did and need to reexamine themselves after failing. Passing the 2020 Nov/Dec Examination is important.

If you have failed WASSCE and or Nov/Dec in the past, there is a high possibility that you will fail again if you attempt the examination without a better plan as to how to prepare, learn, retain and reproduce the knowledge you acquired in the preparation stage of your journey. Every student wants to move on to the tertiary level, but failing the WASSCE or Nov/Dec can apply breaks for a while.

This is the sad reality for students who do not make the right decisions when preparing for their examinations.

It is not uncommon to see nonserious Nov/Dec students preparing for the remedial exams to take things for granted and fail the exam that was to help open a new chapter in their education and career. Often the same poorly planned approach to the exam leads to monumental failure and waste of financial resources and time.

The big question is “How to prepare and pass the Nov/Dec Examination.” This is the master class ideas you are going to read here. You are encouraged to apply the strategies religiously.

The 12 actionable steps to take if you envision passing your exam are as follows :

1. Forgo The Useless Friends, Embrace Your Books

Forgo friends that take you away from your books and serious studies if aim at passing the 2020 Nov/Dec Examination. You have to look through your friends and pick those that will help you achieve your ambition and discard the rest. Spend more quality time with your books because you are on a rescue mission to redeem your locked up success.

2. Identify subjects and your in each.

Look out for topics you could not answer questions on in the last examination and the topics you have not mastered well enough. Get help, learn, and master these topics very well. Spend more time learning and understanding subjects and topics that you have difficulty with, stop saying I don’t like mathematics, and that some particular subjects are just too difficult to understand. Clear the doubt about your ability to pass and be positive about your chances with every subject.

3. Find out if you really know how to answer questions.

There are students who fail the WASSCE and the NOV/DEC Exams because they are unable to answer questions rightly. Each question and the approach for answering it. Learning to master how questions are answered can improve your examination success chances. You don’t know it all, hence find out from your teachers how the various questions are attempted, the requirements each time the examiner uses keywords such as state, discuss, and the like. Solve past questions and make them available to your tutors to cross-check and make recommendations.

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4. Know the learning styles that work for you and how to effectively combine them.

Learning by using the method that suits you can improve your chances of understanding, retaining what you learn, and exam success. For some students, they learn by better by the Aural method. That is they are able to learn with music and sound and so would play music whiles learning. Such students can also record their lessons or notes by reading it aloud, then playback several times. This method is discussed in detail in point 5. The image below explains the 7 learning styles that you can choose from based on the ones that work for you.

5. Tape-record lectures, lessons, and notes for easy access

The Nov/Dec examination gives those who failed the WASSCE a second opportunity to taste exam success. One approach for preparing for the exam is to tape-record lectures. You can also record explanations for theory questions and answers using your mobile phone. Have you thought of why you easily remember songs or music from.your favourite artists? It is because of constant repetition and may increase your chances of passing the 2020 Nov/Dec Examination. The Nov/Dec examination needs to be passed before you can progress in your education to the tertiary level.

Now you can make preparing for the Nov/Dec fun and less stressful by using your phone to record your notes or textbooks in your voice as you read. This will help you have your subjects or textbooks with you on the go on your phone in the form of audio recordings. In public transport, at a public function, and in just any way, you can listen to your lessons by playing your recorded notes. After a few playbacks, you should record in your memory what you have been listening to. With this approach, if you are to answer questions, your brain will be able to playback the notes as you will often hear your voice when the question demands an answer you recorded. This is one good method that many students never try.

6. Solve More Past Questions Over And Over

To decrease your chances of failing your Nov/Dec examination, solve past questions. This is the everyday advice every educated person will give to a student. By solving past questions you test your readiness for the exam and whether you have understood concepts you learned. You can also time yourself and solve the questions under examination conditions. Another way to do this is to teach a colleague how to solve it. In solving past papers, don’t run away from questions you feel are difficult. It is these very questions that must engage your attention.

7. Be punctual at your remedial school and take your studies serious. It is said that some students fail WASSCE because they were lazy, truants, or habitual absentees during school, and they attend remedial school with the same attitude. If you do this, your chances of passing become narrow because you will not make headway on your preparation and failure may be stirring you in the face.

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8. Read Ahead Of The Class.

This means preparing before you come to the class or lecture each time. You know the topics to cover. When your lecturer starts teaching a topic, take the pain of reading ahead and before you come to class. This way, you improve your understanding of the course or lesson and also you can ask questions to clarify doubts. The Nov/Dec examination is passed by serious students who dedicate their efforts and dream of success by first working at it. The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) will not pass you unless you deserve it.

9. Don’t pile up notes for the last hour.

Students who fail to prepare and read their materials then start cramping a few weeks to the Nov/Dec may fail the exams so easily. When you start your exam preparation early you are less stressed up and able to cover a lot of topics ahead. You can also ask your tutor to further explain areas you have challenges with. But if you are of the view that eleventh-hour preparation is the way to go, you may fail your Nov/Dec examination just as you failed the WASSCE.

10. Be positive and optimistic, but keep your cool.

Don’t panic and remind yourself of your failure. Keep a free mind, be confident that your preparation efforts for the Remedial examination will bring you the needed result, and be committed to the target.

11. Set targets for each subject you are re-sitting and work at it.

Your final exam is your expected outcome but you need to set out your expectations or predicted grades. These grades will guide your effort and seriousness towards achieving your exam targets for the Nov/Dec exam. Without targets, you may learn just anyhow and end up getting an anyhow grade. These targets can also include topics to learn and when to complete them.

12. Make summarized notes early.

Textbooks always contain a lot of information. Summarizing the key points and explanations while preparing for the Nov/Dec can help you cover a lot of grounds instead of always going back to read the textbooks.


Students who master these suggestions would improve themselves, get ready for the Nov/Dec exam, and excel. Don’t allow failure to be your reward in the upcoming 2020 Nov/Dec exam. Choose the path that leads to success. The road to the top is rough, but when the results come out great, you will forget all the difficulties and enjoy the moments. Sit up, put in your best, and shine in your examination. Yes, you can work hard and passing the 2020 Nov/Dec Examination is possible.

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