Senior High Schools in Ghana and their Regional Distribution

The Ashanti Region tops the chart as the region with the highest number of Senior High Schools in Ghana. The Upper West Region has the least number of Senior High Schools, 30, with 26 being public SHSs.

Of the 872 SHSs in Ghana, 66% are government-managed while the remainder is privately owned.

Also worthy of notice in the data is the fact that the Eastern Region, which has the second highest number of Senior High Schools in Ghana, 112, receives the most number of Junior High School graduates from other regions to pursue their Secondary education there.

The Eastern Region also records the highest competition rate; the percentage of SHS students who are able to successfully complete SHS.

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Greater Accra has the lowest percentage rate of 27.5%, indicating that about 72% of students who attend Senior High School in Accra do not complete.

See the infographic below for a breakdown of the figures across the country.

Ref: Citi FM