Senior Lecturer at SDA College of Education confirmed Dead (Photos)

No One is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away” and in life too ” whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows

Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other


Prior to this day, it was all joy. Amidst the chaos in the world, we had our own way of cheering ourselves up in our own worlds.

It was so, until new dawn; one that eventually evolved into a sunny day. We knew by a natural phenomenon that soon enough, the night will come out from its hiding and take its rightful position. What we did not know was that this night was going to be characterized by tears, pains, sorrows, and wailings.

Not long ago, we could hear the kids playfully rejoicing; but now, we barely could hear the sounding horns of the vehicle passing behind your residence. Right now, we’re buried in the pool of tears and the only feelings our hormones permit us to feel are the feelings of pains, sorrows, despondency, and gloom.

Permit me to chronicle this piece of writings in your memory of the wonderful love you did show me and the many trainees out there who are equally shedding tears within and without having heard of your sudden demise.

With every drop of tear, I recollect how you stood against all odds to make time for your lessons. Your devotion and commitment towards your duty as a lecturer was unprecedented.

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You demonstrated to us how that you’ve mastered your course and nothing was going to stop from entering the lecture theatre when you had to. Well, except those times when you were in your sickbed battling for survival.

I recall that early morning when you helplessly lied on your sickbed at the Koforidua Central Hospital; a scene that weakened us to the core of our hearts and all we could do was to shed tears after we had left your presence.

During our small meetings under that tree where you preferred sitting most of the time, your sensitivity to the plights towards others could not be hidden. You strived to advocate and to seek for the well-being of your trainees as within your capacity.

Not only were you a teacher who guided us, but you were also a father who guarded us, a patron who fought for us and a friend who understood us. You were our hero until death laid its cold hands on you.

“At Once” as you were affectionately called, your sudden demise has left us with so much grief that outweighs us. You countlessly battled for your life and prevailed but this news of your demise only tells us how weary and restless you became, that you could no longer stand your grounds to hold on to life.

As much as you have departed into a more realistic world, what we earnestly beseech the Maker is that your gentle soul may find eternal peace whiles you rest with the Father.

Mr. Sampson Tabi (Alias At Once), fare thee well, Sir. May your soul rest in peace.