Shortest Student Of Adisadel College (ADISCO) Spotted Proposing Love To An Mfantsiman Girl [VIDEO]

16-year-old Elvis Tefe got admitted to Adisadel College (ADISCO) after he shared his challenge of securing a placement to senior high school.

Due to his diminutive stature and age, he became the talk of the town when he gained admission into Adisadel College last year. Elvis couldn’t hold his joy after he finally gained admission to join his fellow”santaclausian” to learn with them

Most people were of the view that he was too young to be in the Senior High considering his height. has come across one trending video of Elvis speaking to an Mfantsiman Girl who was on her knees in order to level his height.

Elvis after exchanging words with the girl, one of his seniors shouted at him that made him stop what he was telling the girl but the girl pulled him back to continue the conversation, maybe the girl liked what she was hearing from him lol!

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In the video, it is clear Elvis was “toasting” the girl and it’s also obvious the girl has fallen already for him. This what I call “can’t let you go baby’ lol!. Well, Elvis is also a human let him enjoy small.

Watch the video here:

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