Should SHS Students In Ghana Be Allowed To Use Phones in School?


After the ease of restrictions in the country, there have been several rules and guidelines set to ensure success in the fight against the covid-19.

Among the restrictions is the reopening of schools for final year students and of Senior high and Junior High schools as well as University students and Second year SHS gold shift Students.

As schools have been reopened, rules have been set to control the spread of the pandemic.

One of the rules is that, Parents will not be allowed to visit their children on campus. This brings up the question that, then how will parents know their children’s problems on campus. And how can they communicate.

This brought up ideas that students should be allowed to use mobile phone on campus throughout the period.

This could make it easy for them to communicate with their parents.

Others also think that if they are alowed to use phones, it might affect their studies negatively.

So is it good for students to use mobile phones during this pandemic?

Should they be allowed to use it on campus?

What is your answer? If yes, why? If no, why?

Help us find a reason. Thanks.