SHS 2 Break: GES directs Suspension of Academic Work from December 4th to 8th

All Senior High Schools (SHS) have been ordered by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to provide a break from 4 to 8 December for academic work. He claimed in a press release signed by Anthony Boateng, Deputy Director-General of the Service, that the step is to give students who want to visit home the ability to do so.

“It further directs, “All students who remain in school after the time should be fed and comply with all school rules and health and safety procedures.

The declaration, copied to the Chairman of the GES Board, to the Deputy Director-General (Q&A), and to the Director of Schools and Education of the GES, also points out the resumption of academic work on Wednesday 9 December.

Management has directed that all SHS schools should provide a break to academic work from Friday 4th Dec to Tuesday 8th Dec 2020.
Students will return on Wednesday 9th December 2020.
Students, parents, teachers are to take note.

In order to exhaust the 2019/20 academic calendar that was disrupted by the partial closing of schools as a result of Covid-19, President Akufo-Addo led Form 2 students back to school on 5 October.


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