Sonny Bill Williams Brother and Sister In Rugby Sevens


Sonny Bill Williams, his brother, John Arthur, and their two sisters were born to parents Lee and John Williams.

In particular, Father John Williams is of Samoan descent. He has resided in Auckland for five decades. Unlike his children, John enjoys spending his life off social media.

His mother had a particular occupation, while his father, John, was a successful rugby union player. Although his father knew the game, John and his siblings were introduced to rugby through their mother.

Along with his siblings, Arthur was adored by his parents. All the children have achieved their life goals thanks to their excellent parenting.

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A rare family photo of Sonny Bill Williams, his parents and his brother Johnny.
A rare family photo of Sonny Bill Williams, his parents and his brother Johnny. (Source: theguardian)

Lee Williams, Sonny and John’s mother, is of half New Zealand and half Australian ethnicity. She raised her children to be smart, strong and responsible.

Being Samoan, most of the William family members have tribal tattoos on their bodies. For example, Sonny and John have tribal ink on their right arm and chest. Likewise, their sisters used the ink beautifully on their thighs and arms.

Samoan tattoos represent their island, their community and their family. These are worn to preserve their identity. Samoan tattoos are also a source of great pride.



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