Split Announced by Panic! at the Disco: “It’s Been a Hell of a Journey” | Read

Framed in Las Vegas nearly twenty years ago, Gangster Pop Frenzy! At the disco on Tuesday morning he announced that the gathering would end after his next European visit.

Urie said he and his significant other were expecting their unforgettable baby boy and


“I’m going to end this part of my life and put my attention and energy on my family, and with that frenzy! It won’t be at the disco any more.”

This latest visit begins in Vienna on February 20th and concludes in Manchester, Britain on Walk 10. Watch Urie’s final confirmation below.

It was really an expedition, no doubt… I never could have imagined my life would take me here from Vegas, where I grew up. We have been to different countries and made many new companions through our moves. Then again, each journey must eventually be completed with the goal of starting the next.

We’ve been freaking out about it, but some of you may have heard. Baby Jones is on the way for Sarah and me!

Being a dad and seeing the better half of me turn into a mom is an exciting and hugely depressing idea. I could hardly hold on to this new experience.

This is the last part of my life, and I’m shutting it down to completely stick to my friends and family, from now on, crazy! There will be no more at the disco.

I appreciate your loyal resilience over time. I’ve been trying to track down the right words, but I can’t communicate how much this means to us.

Whether you were with us from the first moment or you found us a few seconds ago, we thank you for making it feasible for us to perform closely with countless talented professionals and also invest energy with you. I can hardly wait until our recent visit through Europe and the UK to see everyone again. I love you. I appreciate you. I am grateful to you for being here.

Brendon Is it true you’re familiar with the Nick Carter show where he cries during a back street guys show remembering his brother Aaron? In some cases, we need to blame someone or something for bad luck, but it’s really the compulsive behavior and dysfunction that’s really wrong here. I will miss my brother more than anyone ever realizes.

I love you, Chez. For now, you can finally enjoy the harmony that you will not track down here on this planet…. I love you my little brother…” (read the total post).

Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, and Brent Wilson put the band together in 2004 while still in high school, and the four embarked on seven studio sets.

With the progression of the group’s presentations and its title track “A Fever You Can’t Work Out”, they achieved distinction in the year after its delivery.

The record went triple platinum, and the following year, the band cleared MTV Video Music Grants.

Wilson left the band prior to the arrival of their sophomore group, “Pretty Odd” which marked a change of melodic path, leaving only Urie and Smith as the unique individuals.

Two additional collections, “Chaos and Moderation” and “It’s Strange Even to Think of Life, It’s Uncommon to Even Think of Death!” That followed before Smith casually pulled the band off in 2013 and for all time in 2015. Long, though, Urie has turned the band into a vehicle for his performing career.

Before long, Urie appeared on Broadway in an adaptation of “Unusual Boots,” a tune by Cyndi, midway between the arrival of two more sets.

From the Drop Out Kid to, more recently, Taylor Quick, who he sang with and appeared in the lyrical video for her 2018 tune “Me!” He has worked with a variety of artists.

With last year’s set and the single “Viva Las Retaliation” and a subsequent visit, he sought to revive Frenzy, but the band could not recreate their earlier progress.

Considering Urie is the very solid main character of the troupe, how he intends to separate Frenzy from his future activities is unclear since the troupe only has one stable part. At 35, he’s clearly decided the title at this point isn’t empowered and it’s time to move on.

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