St. Mary’s Girls SHS beats OWASS to Win 2020 Ultimate High School Quiz Competition

St Mary’s Girls Senior High School pulled a surprise at the Ultimate high school quiz when the school leapt from the bottom of the third round to emerge winners by the end of the fifth round

The school beat Opoku ware senior high school which came second in the competition with 59.5 points.

Kumasi girls Senior High School which was in the lead came third with 59 points closely behind Opoku Ware with just a 0.5 point difference.

ST Hubert seminary senior high school which was the loudest in the University College of Education hall; rocked the bottom with 53.5 points.

The girls from St Mary’s senior high school were elated though they were deemed the underdogs from a lesser-known school in Konongo; they were able to pull through damming the odds.

“We are very excited to win. We had confidence in ourselves and this should greatly lift the name of our school,” a contestant told Ultimate News.

Patron for the school, Mr Augustine Armah disclosed that their game plan was to keep hope alive; as long as the best in any round didn’t lead them with no more than 15 points.

He told reporter Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, “when we were trailing, our only hope was the fact that no school should beat us up to 15 points before round four and once we were trailing by just 6 points, there was still hope for us.”

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Another teacher Sir Amoako Bonti asked that the story of St Mary’s Girls winning the trophy, be made a source of inspiration for the down trodden.

He said, “Looking at where we are coming from, it’s a story that tells that despite where you are coming from you can still make it. We are coming from an underserved school faced with several challenges but looking at the splendid performance they put up, it is an indication that where ever you are should never dictate your success in life.”

Meanwhile Opoku Ware which was looking forward to snatching a trophy to console themselves after losing out on the National Science and Maths Quiz, were disappointed they were unable to make a good showing yet again.

“It’s natural for us to feel dampened and down but what else can we do. There was a lot of expectation on us and here is the case we lost again,” a morose Michael Eyiram Alormatu recounted.

In the end the female schools broke the testicular fortitudes of the two male schools in the contest.

The drama of the day when the St Mary’s ladies pulled out a magic wand they had suppressed throughout the contest till the last minutes, will be a memorable spectacle that will stick to the history of the finals of the 2019-2020 Ultimate High School Quiz.

The 2020 – 2021 contests which begins with over a hundred and twenty schools in November continues to etch its name as the most exciting and widely patronized arts biased quiz that takes students beyond the core of their text books to examine their holistic knowledge about their environment, country and the world stage.

The initiative which is the brainchild of the Ashanti Region Student Representative Council promises to be more exciting with the full backing of Ultimate 106.9 fm, GHOne TV and its entire sister stations under the E.I.B. Network.