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Starfield Mantis floor puzzle solutions and ship location?

Starfield Mantis floor puzzle solutions and ship location? In the huge expanse of Starfield, the place the cosmos abounds in mysteries and adventures, one quest stands out as a vital journey for any house exploration fanatic: the Mantis Quest.

This cosmic escapade guarantees not solely legendary armor but additionally a formidable starship that would be the envy of the galaxy. In this information, we’ll navigate the depths of Mantis Quest, unveiling its secrets and techniques and uncovering the trail to buying these coveted treasures.

How to start out the Mantis quest in Starfield

The journey to acquire the legendary Mantis armor and the spectacular Razorback ship begins with step one. Here’s begin the Mantis quest:

Step 1: The “Old Quarter” Main Quest

The Mantis quest is intently associated to Starfield’s predominant “Old Quarter” questline. To embark on this epic journey, you could first immerse your self on this story arc. As you progress via the “Old Quarter” quest, you can find your self aboard the Nova Galactic star station, a vital location for our journey.

Step 2: Find the spacers

Upon arrival on the Nova Galactic star station, your goal is to research the stays of the Spacers. These Spacers maintain an important clue, particularly an inventory of information named “Secret Outpost”. Your mission is to find this elusive knowledge listing. Although it may drop from numerous Spacers, it’s mostly present in Nova Galactic Station.

Starfield Mantis Floor Puzzle Solutions

As you immerse your self deeper within the Mantis quest, you’ll inevitably encounter formidable challenges that can take a look at your mind and dedication. One of those challenges is the enigmatic puzzle on the bottom, a puzzle that retains the secrets and techniques of the outpost. Let’s decipher this riddle collectively:

Step 3: Uncover the puzzle

Upon arrival on the secret mining outpost of Denebola IB, you’ll come nose to nose with the puzzle on the floor. This intricate puzzle is the important thing to advancing additional via the ability, and fixing it should unlock the trail to your final rewards.

Step 4: Decrypt the answer: “TYRANNIS”

The reply to the bottom riddle is one phrase: “TYRANNIS”. However, it’s not so simple as it appears. Some letters on the floor could also be worn, including further problem to the puzzle. To beat this puzzle, you could step on the precise letters to accurately spell “TYRANNIS”. Be cautious, as stepping on the mistaken letter will set off lethal lasers, posing a major risk to your character.

Step 5: Beware of lasers

Navigating the floor puzzle requires precision and consideration to element. Lasers triggered by stepping on the mistaken letter can show lethal, so watch out. Take your time to resolve the puzzle exactly, and while you’ve efficiently spelled ‘TYRANNIS’, press the button to open the door and deactivate the lasers. This accomplishment marks an necessary step in your quest.

Mantis Armor and Razorback ship location

With the puzzle behind you, your journey via the key mining outpost continues, main you to 2 of Starfield’s most wanted treasures: the legendary Mantis armor and the Razorback starship.

Step 6: Legendary Mantis Armor

As you enterprise deeper into the ability, the legendary Mantis armor awaits. This outstanding piece of drugs could be discovered securely enclosed in a glass show case. The Mantis Armor is a game-changer, delivering unbelievable energy and talents that can improve your gaming expertise.

Step 7: The Enigmatic Razorback Ship

But the hunt does not finish with buying the Mantis armor. You should transfer ahead to retrieve your cosmic mount: the Razorback ship. Here’s discover this outstanding ship:

Locate the Razorback

Follow the hunt marker to find the Razorback ship. Stay alert although, as the environment are at all times populated with high-level enemies who will cease at nothing to guard their valuable ship.

Boarding the Razorback

Once you have situated the Razorback, head to its entrance, situated on the rear of the ship via the loading dock. As you step aboard, the ship’s outstanding capabilities and potential can be at your disposal.


Congratulations, intrepid traveler! You have efficiently traversed the intricate paths of the Mantis quest in Starfield, rising victorious with legendary armor and a powerful ship. Your journey into the cosmos has simply begun, stuffed with limitless adventures and untold mysteries. May the celebs information you in your cosmic odyssey in Starfield!

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