Stella Dziedzorm writes: Working from home, the new normal?


Just like other aspects of our lives, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to either a standstill or a decline in the revenue of most businesses in the country and the world at large. Travel agencies have since the closure of borders lost their major source of income which is travelling. Businesses have experienced various switches in their day-to-day activities from little to no revenue during the lockdown.

The reverse is true that even though some businesses are losing revenue and laying-off most of their staff, some others are using the opportunity to boost their inflow of revenue- essentially by working from home.

Whiles some businesses require physical appearance to facilitate production and output, others could use either of them.

Therefore those who can use either physical appearance or work from home, have taken advantage of the pandemic to implement ‘work from home’ as a way to keep their businesses in shape.

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Though the number of people who work partially or fully remotely has seen a steady rise for years now, the COVID-19 pandemic seem to have by hastened the adoption of this trend by employers and their employees.

According to a survey conducted by World Economic forum, ‘98% of people surveyed said they would like the option to work remotely for the rest of their careers’.

Working remotely saves them from the stress and cost of commuting to and from their places of work daily.


However, the benefits of working from home largely inspires the decisions of both employers and their employees.

Apart from being able to work in a pyjamas, there is flexibility in schedules, where they do not go through the stress of office routines.

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Whiles at home, workers could multi-task between completing their office work and taking care of or spending time with their families.

What does this mean for communication service providers? Since communication becomes the only means to check up on the progress and productivity rate of workers, it is only prudent that the patronage of data and airtime packages should increase.

This means that work from home not only benefits one party but also generate more revenue for telecommunication service providers.

With the increasing cases of coronavirus, how soon are businesses likely to bounce back to physical offices and factories? Is work from home the new normal?

Source: Stella Dziedzorm | University of Ghana

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