#StopIndiscriminatePostingsNow: Dean Cautions SRC Aspirants Against Posting at Unauthorized Places on Campus

Following an active campaign by Radio Univers against postings at unsanctioned places on the University of Ghana campus, the Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Godfred Alufar Bokpin, has issued a directive explicitly banning all forms of postings at unauthorized places.

This has been necessitated by the incessant neglect for the University’s laws that govern the advertisement on its campuses. Political aspirants, civil societies, corporate bodies, and religious groups have consistently and deliberately flouted the regulations.

In a letter dated February 14, 2020, and copied to Univers News directed to the general public, the Dean highlighted acts of writing or posting of notices and banners on streets, roads or alleys as prohibited.

“Students are to note that, writing/posting of notices/banner on streets, roads/alleys and other places apart from designated notice boards are prohibited.” – the notice read.

Prof. Bokpin in a strong worded statement cautioned political aspirants not excluding SRC aspirants to desist from the act of defacing the University campus with their posters.

“Aspirants for SRC positions and other persons found in such act should note and desist from it.” – it added.

The office of the Dean promised to met out punitive measurements to all and sundry who defy the directive.

“Offenders will be severely punished” – the notice it concluded.

It can be recalled that following the #StopIndiscriminatePostingsNow campaign led by Radio Univers, some campuses including the Accra City Campus of the University of Ghana as well as the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have taken bold steps to ban indiscriminate postings on their various campuses.

The Dean’s directive to include Main campus in this initiative adds a strong voice and backing to the campaign being championed by Radio Univers.


According to the University’s policy regulating the placement of advertisements, “posters may only be posted on specific boards explicitly created for the purpose.”

Caution is given that “no posters may be posted on any wall, fencing or lamp post at any location within the University of Ghana.”

Places such as lecture halls, floors of buildings, pavements and roads, lamp posts, trees, directional signboards, and other signage, waste bins, and staff/faculty residential areas, have been described by the policy as prohibited places for advertising.

Despite this and several cautions from University Management, some students, church organizations and other entities have repeatedly flouted this directive.

Story by: Michael Papanii and Ebo Daniel | universnewroom.com

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