Alison Starling

Success, Academic Journey, Family And More

After two remarkable decades of delivering news to the Washington, D.C. area, Alison Starling is bidding farewell to the anchor desk at 7News

Alison Starling’s journey from a University of Florida graduate to a renowned News Anchor is a testament to her unwavering commitment and exceptional talent.

Her story is not just a biography but an inspiration for aspiring individuals aiming to make their mark in the dynamic world of news journalism.

As Alison Starling forges ahead on her post-WJLA-TV journey, her legacy continues to unfold.

Her impact on the media industry and the hearts of viewers persists, proving that true excellence knows no bounds.

Stay tuned as Alison Starling’s narrative unfolds, promising a future filled with innovation, inspiration, and enduring success.

Alison Starling
Alison Starling (Image: Source)

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Alison Starling Bids Farewell to 7News After Two Decades

Shifting Focus: November 22 Marks Starling’s Final Day on WJLA

In a heartfelt social media post on Thursday, Starling announced that her last day on WJLA’s airwaves would be November 22.

The post revealed her decision to step away from the newsroom to prioritize her family, particularly her young daughters.

A Passion for Family: Starling’s Decision Explained

In an interview with WTOP, Starling expressed her enduring passion for covering news in D.C. However, she emphasized a profound realization— the irreplaceable nature of time spent with her children.

“I was passionate and still am passionate about covering news in D.C.… But my gut is telling me that I’m never going to get this time back with my kids, and it’s time to make a change,” she conveyed.

Family First: Starling’s Reflection on 20 Years in News

Starling, married to Peter Alexander, the Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, is a mother to two daughters, 10-year-old Ava and 8-year-old Emma.

Reflecting on her decision, she shared Emma’s adorable reaction to the news of her departure: “She was like, ‘Wait, are you going to pick me up at school?’”

Cherishing Precious Moments: Being Present for Her Daughters

Acknowledging the significance of being present during her daughters’ formative years, Starling expressed, “Just having the opportunity to be around more while the girls are still young enough to want us around is a really good thing.

” Her decision to step back from the demanding anchor role is rooted in a desire to actively engage in her daughters’ lives.

Beyond Parenthood: Starling’s Commitment to Aging Parents

As an only child, Starling also articulated her commitment to being there for her aging parents. “As they get older, I want to be available to take care of them in a new way,” she affirmed.

Her decision to step away from the anchor desk aligns with a broader commitment to family and personal priorities.

Alison StarlingAlison Starling
Alison Starling

A News Hiatus: Starling’s Immediate Plans

For now, Starling is embracing a complete break from news.

While not ruling out a potential return for special reports or projects in the future, she clarified, “But in the way I am now, which is anchoring, three hours a day—noon, four, and five—that’s going to stop, and I’m just going to take some time with my family and start a new chapter.”

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The NBC News Connection: Growing Up in a News-Oriented Household

  • The Starling-Alexander household has been immersed in the news, with both parents holding prominent roles in journalism.
  • Starling reminisced about anchoring the 11 p.m. newscast years ago when her daughters were still very young.
  • “I would come home on my dinner break and put them to bed and go back into work,” she shared, highlighting the juggling act of parenting and a demanding news career.
  • In bidding farewell to 7News, Alison Starling exemplifies the courage to embrace change, prioritizing family and personal well-being over a demanding career.
  • As she steps into a new chapter, her legacy in D.C. journalism remains, marking a significant transition in the illustrious career of a seasoned news anchor.
Alison StarlingAlison Starling
Alison Starling (Image: Source)

Alison Starling: A Success Story Unveiled

Unveiling the Journey of the Renowned News Anchor

Alison Starling, an iconic figure in the realm of news anchoring, emerged into the world on October 28, 1973, in the United States.

As of June 1, 2023, this accomplished individual boasts a staggering net worth of approximately $5 million.

Academic Prowess: A Foundation for Success

Starling’s academic journey laid the groundwork for her success. In 1995, she proudly graduated from the University of Florida.

Notably, the same year saw her receiving a prestigious Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarship from Rotary International. This scholarship opened doors for a transformative six-month study period in Tours, France.

Navigating the Professional Landscape

In August 2003, Starling marked a significant milestone by joining WJLA-TV. Within a year, she ascended to the position of co-anchor for “Good Morning Washington” (5-7 AM) and “ABC7 News at Noon.”

The year 2005 witnessed Washingtonian recognizing her as one of the region’s burgeoning stars in local television news.

The Rich Tapestry of Achievements

Starling’s professional journey is adorned with numerous achievements and accolades. Let’s delve into some key highlights:

1. WJLA-TV Stint

Alison Starling’s association with WJLA-TV has been a cornerstone of her career.

Her arrival in August 2003 marked the beginning of a transformative period, paving the way for subsequent accomplishments.

Alison StarlingAlison Starling
Alison Starling

2. Co-Anchor Role

Within a remarkably short span, Starling assumed the co-anchor role for “Good Morning Washington” and “ABC7 News at Noon.”

Her dynamic presence and unwavering commitment quickly solidified her status as a notable figure in the industry.

3. Accolades from Washingtonian

In 2005, Washingtonian, a reputable publication, recognized Starling’s contributions by dubbing her one of the region’s rising stars in local television news.

This acknowledgment underscored her impact on the industry.

The Finer Details: Net Worth and Beyond

As of June 1, 2023, Alison Starling’s financial standing is an impressive $5 million. However, her influence extends beyond mere numbers.

It is a testament to her dedication, skill, and resilience in navigating the competitive realm of news anchoring.

Alison StarlingAlison Starling
Alison Starling (Image: Source)

Alison Starling’s Background and Academic Journey

Alison Starling’s Family Background

Alison Starling, a prominent figure, traces her roots to a military family.

Growing up, she experienced the unique lifestyle that comes with being part of a military household.

Her formative years were spent in the Washington, D.C. metro area, a region pulsating with the rhythm of political and diplomatic activities.

Washington, D.C.: A Crucible of Experience

Starling’s father contributed significantly to the nation’s affairs, working diligently for the US Trade Representative.

This exposure to the inner workings of the government during her childhood undoubtedly played a role in shaping her worldview.

Educational Journey: From Congressional Intern to Scholarly Pursuits

A Glimpse into the Political Arena: Congressional Internship

Alison Starling’s engagement with the political landscape started early in her life. She ventured into the world of politics as a congressional intern in the heart of Washington, DC.

This invaluable experience allowed her to witness the intricate mechanisms of legislative processes and further fueled her passion for public service.

Academic Triumphs: University of Florida

In 1995, Starling achieved a significant milestone by obtaining her bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Florida.

This educational institution is renowned for its academic excellence, and Starling’s connection with it adds another layer to her profile.

Embarking on an International Scholarly Adventure

Following her undergraduate studies, Starling’s journey took an international turn. In 1995, she was honored with the Rotary International Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarship.

This prestigious accolade opened doors for her to delve into a six-month academic sojourn in Tours, France.

Crafting a Unique Narrative

Alison Starling’s life story is a fascinating tapestry woven with threads of military upbringing, political exposure, and international academic pursuits. Her journey from a congressional intern in Washington, DC, to a cultural ambassador in France reflects a diverse and enriching life experience. As we delve deeper into the layers of her background, we uncover the distinct elements that contribute to the multifaceted personality of Alison Starling.


1. Who is Alison Starling?

Alison Starling is an accomplished journalist known for her work in the field of broadcasting. She has gained recognition for her role as an anchor and reporter, particularly for ABC7/WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C.

2. What is Alison Starling’s professional background?

Alison Starling has an extensive professional background in journalism. She began her career as a reporter and anchor, showcasing her skills in covering various news stories. Over the years, she has demonstrated her commitment to delivering accurate and engaging news content.

3. Where is Alison Starling currently working?

As of my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022, Alison Starling is associated with ABC7/WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C. She has been a prominent figure in the newsroom, contributing to the station’s news coverage and connecting with the audience through her on-screen presence.

4. What awards or recognitions has Alison Starling received?

Alison Starling has received several accolades and recognitions for her excellence in journalism. While specific awards may vary over time, her contributions to the field have often been acknowledged by industry peers and organizations.

5. How can I follow Alison Starling on social media?

Alison Starling is likely to have a presence on various social media platforms. To stay updated with her latest news and updates, you can follow her official social media accounts. These accounts are typically linked to her professional work and provide insights into her career and interests.

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