(WATCH) T.I. Speaks Out About His Son King's Behavior: 'The Media Don't Talk Enough About The Good...'

(WATCH) T.I. Speaks Out About His Son King’s Behavior: ‘The Media Don’t Talk Enough About The Good…’

T.I. recently appeared as a guest on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast Tea Club. The rapper shared his thoughts on his son King’s recent behavior. T.I. also shared a stark reminder of other adults who criticize her parenting skills.

T.I. got candid about the behavior of his son, King Harris, talking

The ‘King of the South’ hasn’t been shy about sharing his thoughts on his son’s recent behavior – many examples have gone viral on social media. and portray a more reckless side of a teenager.

Love him through it – Whatever he’s going through, love him through it. And I can’t say he’s a great kid enough.

The rapper went on to explain that the media does not highlight enough of his son’s positive accomplishments. Instead, cover more negative stories.

But the media doesn’t talk enough about the good part… all they do is focus on the bad part because it gets more clicks. And he’s young so I’m trying to make him more aware of that.

T.I. went on to explain that he would rather accept his son as he is. Then he forced him to conform to his expectations of him.

I’m just trying to walk with him. But it gets better every day.

The rapper even shared a reminder to other parents who are quick to lash out at him.

We all got bada** babies!

Social media reacts to TI’s thoughts on his son and his behaviour

Many viewers of the clip had mixed reactions to TI’s ideas. Some agreed with the rapper’s stance and praised his accomplishments as a parent.

He has 6 kids and only one of them is a problem, 1 out of 6 isn’t bad at all!

You can raise your kids to be perfect but they still do whatever they want.. so I agree with him..

You act like you don’t have bad kids around you, no matter what parents do or say they’re going to revolt. Stop blaming the parents for what these little ones are doing. No matter how hard you try, the kids will try to prove you wrong. Stop acting like you really know this guy

while others continued to criticize him and the King.

I promise if Deja made half the mess the boy did to disown her

He acts the way he does because his parents don’t hold him accountable

We just want him to stop acting like his hood pulled him out of the mud when he was literally born with a silver spoon in his mouth and lived in a gated community.

King Harris and his viral behaviour

As The Shade Room previously reported, King Harris previously got into a heated Internet exchange with Charleston White in October. The 18-year-old was also arrested in September for not wearing a seat belt in a moving vehicle, according to the outlet.

Harris was quick to speak out against those who criticized him for “trying to be a mobster.”

Whoever says n ***** is trying to be gangsta. I’m not asking the police to pull me over, you all b*****a**n*****.

Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?

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