Taylor Swift Brings Her Worst Nightmares to Life in ‘Anti-Hero’ Video – Rolling Stone – A NEWS GROUP

Taylor Swift flashes forward to her funeral to watch her bratty kids bicker over her estate in the wild new music video for her Midnights track “Anti-Hero.”

The interstitial skit is just one facet of an endearingly goofy clip that, as Swift explained on Twitter, allowed her to let her “nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts play out in real time.” Swift also wrote and directed the music video.

The “Anti-Hero” video starts with Swift in a horror movie-type situation, up late at night, haunted by two ghosts (though they do seem rather friendly). She then encounters her own worst enemy — another version of herself — who makes her do terrible things, like taking lots of shots. And later, she transforms into a giant who can’t help but take up all the space in a room. 

The video then cuts to the funeral scene, in which John Early, Mike Birbiglia, and Mary Elizabeth Ellis play Swift’s truly awful children, who learn their mother has left them just 13 cents (of course) and decided to turn the big beach house into a cat sanctuary (of course). As their bickering devolves into a brawl, Swift cracks open the coffin to peak out at the chaos.

“Anti-Hero” is the first official video Swift has shared from Midnights, which arrived today, Oct. 21. Many more, however, will be rolled out in the coming days/weeks, with Swift teasing a full slate of visuals just hours before the album was released. The videos will also feature appearances from the likes of Laura Dern, Jack Antonoff, Laith Ashley, all three Haim sisters, Pat McGrath, and Dita Von Teese.

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