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Have you ever received a text message that was so shocking you couldn’t find the words to respond? Check out the funniest memes to send to your friends in these situations and become the permanent comedy genius of your group chat.

Let’s set the scene: you’re at home scrolling through social media when you receive a text message. It’s your friend sending a voice note to a group chat, prefaced with a heartwarming message of “Guys guess WHAT,” so you know it’s about to get kind of juicy.

You pressed play and thought it was going to be awesome, but you didn’t anticipate this madness. How do you respond to gossip? Well, a picture says a thousand words, so memes are clearly the only way to go.

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The funniest shocked memes to send to group chats

We’ve all made this face when we hear about hot tea before:

To see your friend’s amazing life:

Give us the tea NOW means the following from this meme.

Pick up the phone because we’re on the edge of our seats in shock!

This cat has such a temper. A simple but effective way to express your shock:

Another cat shows the shocked face perfectly:

Knowing your phone will ring non-stop in response to your hot information:

If we gossip about you from across the room, we want to see you look at your phone and gasp quietly:

Hearing something really sweet from your best mate on the phone:

This video is so classic that it’s still funny to send to your friends to tell them the crazy news:

Channeling your inner Bristol lady when your friend has repeated relationship drama:

Because you are so shocked that you have nothing to say in return:

Hilary Duff is when we get a crazy message:

Sometimes you feel like Thomas the Tank Engine shocked:

The next time you’re in doubt about getting drama from a friend, send them this photo of Taylor:

A look of pure shock, made even more shocking by the eerie lighting:

This video just says it all:

In other news, what time did Liz Truss resign as Prime Minister?

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