The Crème de la Crème of NSMQ 2020 Volta & Oti Regional Qualifiers

A summary of the performance of Schools in the Volta and Oti Regions, as they battled out for qualification to the NSMQ 2020 National Championship

As was the case in the Western North Region, 13 schools balloted and competed for the first time as part of the Oti Regional Qualifiers. The winning schools in the four contests rightfully reserved their slots as representatives of the newly created region at this year’s National Championship.

Here is how each contest went down in the Oti Region.

Contest 1 – Oti SHTS booked their rightful place as the name-sake of the region, winning the contest with a 13-point margin.

Contest 2 – Bueman SHS ended Nkwanta SHS’s dreams with a dramatic Round 3 and 4 performance that saw Nkwanta SHS losing out on their Round 1 and 2 lead.

Contest 3 – In the third contest, St. Mary’s SHS, Lolobi won effortlessly with 46 points – the highest score in the region.

Contest 4 – In the last contest, Kadjebi-Asato SHS stole the show with a masterful performance that saw them starting and finishing strongly.Supporters of Kadjebi-Asato cheering their contestants on

In the Volta Region, the competitions happened over the course of three days with 12 riveting contests.

Contest 1 – Although all the schools performed very well in the first round of the contest, the performance of the team from Sogakope SHS was outstanding and saw them secure a well-deserved win in the very first contest.

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Contest 2 – Unlike the first contest, the second contest was pretty competitive, however, Vakpo SHS managed a win with a consistently good performance to keep Abor SHS at bay.

Contest 3 – With an anxiety-filled contest, Akatsi SHTS and Awudome SHS competed fiercely until the final round, where Akatsi SHTS proved to be the better of the two.

Contest 4 – The last contest of day one could easily be described as a hassle-free match for Zion College.An over-excited fan screams in joy as Sogakofe SHS win their contest.

Contest 5 – After their spotlight moment in 2018, Sonrise SHS have been a formidable team. It, therefore, came as no surprise when they won the first contest of day two in the Volta Region.

Contest 6 – In the second contest of the day, the girls from OLA SHS stole the show by putting up an excellent performance and outshining their contenders right from the beginning of the contest.

Contest 7 – Speaking of clear dominance, Mawuli School’s strength was on full display in Round Two – the speed race – where they picked about 99 per cent of the questions asked. They were too swift for their contenders to keep up.

Contest 8 – The last contest of the day, just like the second and third contests, was also one-sided, as Bishop Herman College thrashed their opponents.Eager fans of Bishop Herman College showing their support

Contest 9 – Even though Anlo SHS performed better than their contenders, the first contest of the day, started with all three competing schools moving at an almost equal pace.

Contest 10 – In addition to their major questions, Tsitso SHTS won by answering most of the bonus questions in the first round to take an early lead and finished by answering two out of the four riddles correctly.

Contest 11 – Judging from their excellent performance in the first round, everyone tipped EPC Mawuko Girls’ SHS to win the contest, however, their performance started declining from the second round of the contest. Unfortunately for the girls, even though they had a really good start, they couldn’t make enough points to win the race as Adidome SHS upstaged Mawuko Girls’ SHS and won the contest.

Contest 12 – The last contest of the Volta Regional Qualifiers was, like most of the contests, one-sided. Dzodze-Penyi SHS dominated from the first to the last round. Their contenders were almost out of the race.Ecstatic fans of Dzodze-Penyi SHS, winners of the last Volta Regional contest

Congratulations to all the 2020 Volta Regional Qualifiers, and the very best at representing your region at the National Championship. Watch the NSMQ Review Show that expertly breaks down the 16 contests from the Volta and Oti regions at this year’s Regional Qualifiers.