The Glory Season 3: Everything We Know So Far, Yeo Jung’s Revenge Is Coming

With The Glory Season 2 being released, it is a show that definitely captured a lot of attention from viewers all around the globe. There were also some extremely hard scenes to watch in this part as well, such as when Hyun Nam was hurt by her husband. Those moments were extremely heartbreaking to watch.

The ending of The Glory Part 2 was something that either left what’s going to happen in the future up to interpretation or we’d set up a story for The Glory Season 3. 

There are multiple different directions that the show can go in The Glory Season 3 when it comes to the story, so it’s going to be interesting to see which route they decide to go down. We will see if Yeo Jung will get his revenge and how Dong-Eun and Yeo Jung’s relationship will develop over future episodes.

With Dong-Eun’s revenge arc coming to a close, Yeo Jung’s revenge could be something set to get the spotlight and the main focus. So with that, I thought I’d take a look at all that was out there and give my theories and predictions on what I think. Happened next in The Glory Season 3.

What Will Happen In The Glory Season 3?

In terms of The Glory Season 3 story, there are a few different directions that I feel as though it could potentially go in. The first would be with it following on directly from the end of Part 2.

We saw that Kang Yeon Cheon was still gloating over the fact that Yeo Jung was never going to be able to reach him and get his revenge due to the fact that he was behind bars and he was on the outside. However, we saw that Yeo Jung managed to get a job as a doctor in the prison where Kang Yeon Cheon was being transferred. This was the start of the plan that Dong-Eun promised to help him with.

The Glory Season 3

Kang Yeon Cheon in Prison (CC: Netflix)

I feel we could potentially see this new season be focused on Yeo Jung getting his revenge. He assisted in the helping of Dong-Eun, in getting her revenge on Yeon Kim and everybody else. And now it will be time for her to help him.

We also witnessed Dong-Eun recruiting Hyun Nam as her assistant again right at the end of The Glory Part 2, which makes me think that this will be something that will be a main focus. Otherwise, I feel as though they could have left her character out of the resolution at the end.

With Dong-Eun also working within the prison, it’s most likely going to be an easy plan to facilitate. Is that both at the location where the revenge will most likely be carried out? I imagine they’re going to get the prisoners to do The Dirty work like we saw Yeo Jung get one of them to do prior to him being transferred in.

We saw that in the closing moments of the final season that Dong-Eun had a tattoo covering the scars that she got when she was younger. So I feel as though she’s come to terms with what happened, got her revenge, and is ready to move on.

I believe I will also see Dong-Eun, and Yeo Jung’s relationship develop. We saw them taking small steps in the second part, but with them working together, living together, and also openly embracing each other now. I believe I will delve a little more into their personal lives.

The Glory Part 3

Dong Eun and Yeo Jung (CC: Netflix)

Focus On Yeo Jung’s Revenge

But I would say that the main thing that will be the focus will be the revenge that Yeo Jung wants to get on his father’s murderer. However, I don’t know if they will be able to make that the only thing that happens, as I don’t see how it would be able to fill ten episodes.

What made the first two parts so good was that there were a lot of characters, and they were able to flesh out the story by involving them all. With this case of revenge, it’s just one person, so unless it’s going to be really hard to get to him. They may need to introduce some other elements to the story, which I imagine is something that they’ve already thought about.

One thing that I think would be quite good in the new season would be if they focused on Yeon-Jin in prison. We know that she’s there even though she didn’t commit the murder of Son Myeong Oh. So watching her struggle to navigate her way through the prison system.

And maybe finding out that she isn’t responsible for the killing would prove to be an interesting arc to follow. She’ll be fighting for her freedom but struggling to be able to do so. There’s also a lot that’s left unsaid about Dong-Eun and her mother. We know that her mother and her don’t get on, and they’re not on the best of terms after she dropped her off at the hospital to be sanctioned.

But there is a past there that we’ve not necessarily delved that much into. We know that her mother doesn’t care about her at all. But why? I love seeing that relationship get examined more and how it’s impacted her in the present day.

If we do see Yeo Jung get his revenge, I’d be treated to see how he deals with it. He strikes me as somebody who isn’t a born killer. So having somebody’s blood on his hands, regardless of the situation, is going to be an interesting thing to happen to him.

The Glory Part 3

Yeo Jung with Kang Yeon Cheon in Prison (CC: Netflix)

The Glory Part 3 Cast

With regards to The Glory Season 3 cast, I feel as though it’s looking as though most of the characters from the first two parts will most likely not be returning to reprise their roles. Son Myeong Oh was killed, so he won’t be returning. Yeon-Kin is in prison, so she most likely won’t be returning either unless they focus on her in prison.

Sa Ra is also in prison for attempted murder. Jae Jun was killed. Hye Jeong lost her voice and was unable to speak, so I imagine she went into hiding after doing what Dong-Eun ordered her to do. And then Do Young went off to live in England with his daughter, so he most probably won’t be returning either.

So most of the main characters from the previous parts are in situations where we wouldn’t be able to get dedicated time with them. However, the characters that will most likely be returning to the show are Dong-Eun, Yeo Jung, Hyun Naam, Yeo Jung’s mother, Kang Yeon Cheon, and maybe even Hyun Naam’s daughter Sa Na.

The Glory Season 2 Explained

Dong Eun and Yeo Jung will return(CC: Netflix)

I believe all of these characters will most probably be returning to the show because I think they will be the ones that the story in the plot for next part will be focusing on. I also imagine it will be introduced a wide array of new characters that will be interfering and also assisting in helping Yeo Jung get his revenge.

The cast was what made this show so good. So I feel as though the creators will do all that they can to ensure that the cast is as good as it was in the first two parts of the show.

The Glory Season 3 Release Date

So this is the really interesting thing about this show. The Glory Season 1 was released in December of 2022, and the second season was only a three-month wait. Meaning it was released in March 2023, going against all traditional breaks that we usually get. However, it is something that’s becoming more and more prominent within shows, as we saw in Stranger Things Season 4 and also in You Season 4.

The creators of The Glory were able to release it so soon after because they shot the entirety of both parts in one go. So the splitting up of the two parts was done for a stylistic reason and to complement the story more. With part three, this wouldn’t be the case. This would be a wholly separate entity and story that would be getting written, filmed, and developed.

Despite the show being a huge success in its short amount of time, there’s no official news on if a new part is going to be released. Netflix usually takes around a few weeks to a month to announce whether or not a new season will be coming. This is judged if there is an appetite for more episodes from the viewers and also the viewing figures across the globe.

With the new part needing to be created from scratch and there being no concrete decision on if a new part is going to be green-lit by the platform, taking that into consideration as also the usual release time between seasons, I think it’s safe to presume that it would be around a year or a year and a half.

This would allow time for the writing, production, post-production, and marketing of it. So I would say that The Glory Season 3 will most likely be released towards the end of 2024.

Unfortunately, for now, that’s all that’s known about The Glory Part 3. So we’ll just have to keep our eyes on the lookout. So there you have it, The Glory Season 3, everything we know so far.

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